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Early Eastern Tennessee Marriage Records


BRIDES                                 GROOMS 
LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE   TO    LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE     ON   DATE               COUNTY
Mitchael      Sarah              TO    McKinney      David     A.         ON   February 25, 1870  McMINN
Mitchael      Mary      Ann      TO    Edwards       N.B.                 ON   January 25, 1867   SEVIER
Mitchel       Elizabeth          TO    Hartsel       G.W.                 ON   August 26, 1869    SEVIER
Mitchel       L.D.               TO    Boring        Abraham              ON   January 31, 1848   MONROE
Mitchel       Manila             TO    McAnelly      James                ON   January 22, 1842   CLAIBORNE
Mitchel       Margaret           TO    McNabb        William              ON   June 3, 1801       BLOUNT
Mitchel       Mary      Ann      TO    Wallie        Wm.       H.         ON   September 19, 1844 CLAIRBORNE
Mitchel       Nancy              TO    Bayles        Samuel               ON   October 12, 1826   WASHINGTON
Mitchel       Rebecca            TO    Snider        David                ON   October 10, 1846   JOHNSON
Mitchel       Saliett            TO    Deavenport    George               ON   December 22, 1857  McMINN
Mitchel       Saraphina          TO    Miller        John                 ON   November 13, 1849  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Abigail            TO    Combs         John      W.         ON   August 24, 1850    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Addie              TO    Moore         Wm.       B.         ON   June 23, 1859      JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Amanda             TO    McLaughlin    John                 ON   February 17, 1860  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Amanda             TO    Watkins       Thomas               ON   August 27, 1850    GRAINGER
Mitchell      Amey               TO    Stalsworth    John                 ON   October 31, 1827   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Ann                TO    Miser         James                ON   October 22, 1833   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Anny               TO    Gilmore       John                 ON   January 13, 1797   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Bathena            TO    Frisby        William              ON   March 4, 1852      MONROE
Mitchell      Betsey             TO    Hawkins       Henry                ON   November 9, 1832   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Betsy              TO    Carnes        James                ON   August 15, 1803    KNOX
Mitchell      C.                 TO    Crouch        J.                   ON   January 6, 1843    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Caroline           TO    Johnson       James     W.         ON   December 17, 1868  JOHNSON
Mitchell      Catherine          TO    Peters        Orsena               ON   March 7, 1859      HAWKINS
Mitchell      Catherine          TO    Wiggenton     Jeremaih             ON   July 5, 1830       RHEA
Mitchell      Charlotte          TO    Roberts       Charles              ON   July 5, 1836       KNOX
Mitchell      Cily               TO    Mayes         Goodwin              ON   November 8, 1809   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Currinda           TO    Long          Moses                ON   January 10, 1859   McMINN
Mitchell      Cynthia            TO    Bates         Huston               ON   October 15, 1853   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Daphney            TO    Swann         Stephen              ON   October 14, 1865   JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Diedima            TO    Nichols       Archibald            ON   June 7, 1824       GRAINGER
Mitchell      E.                 TO    Collins       I.                   ON   May 31, 1841       WASHINGTON
Mitchell      E.                 TO    Fowler        I.L.                 ON   May 20, 1839       WASHINGTON
Mitchell      E.                 TO    Wanger        J.                   ON   November 29, 1843  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Eda     C.         TO    Hubbs         Wm.       H.         ON   August 11, 1854    KNOX
Mitchell      Elenor             TO    Adkins        Calvin               ON   October 6, 1834    KNOX
Mitchell      Eliz.              TO    Fellers       Thomas    Jefferson  ON   February 15, 1830  GREENE
Mitchell      Eliz.              TO    Matheny       Pleasant  J.         ON   October 15, 1840   ROANE
Mitchell      Eliza              TO    Garrison      Calvin    M.         ON   February 19, 1845  RHEA
Mitchell      Eliza              TO    Hill          John                 ON   March 2, 1851      JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Eliza              TO    Jones         Thomas               ON   November 6, 1867   CLAIBORNE
Mitchell      Eliza              TO    Malone        Henry                ON   July 5, 1860       GREENE
Mitchell      Eliza              TO    McCracken     Joseph               ON   April 15, 1835     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Eliza   A.         TO    Jones         Thomas    M.         ON   August 11, 1855    GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Alcley        Miles                ON   July 21, 1845      MEIGS
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Blackburn     Salathial            ON   January 6, 1829    KNOX
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Campbell      Wm.       S.         ON   September 26, 1865 GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Goodwin       Wm.       D.         ON   September 22, 1861 JOHNSON
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Hall          Albert    S.         ON   September 21, 1841 KNOX
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Lowe          Abner     K.         ON   August 21, 1848    GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    McClure       John                 ON   January 28, 1819   BLOUNT
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    McCorby       Samuel               ON   January 19, 1865   GREENE
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Nelson        Nathan               ON   October 8, 1828    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Privett       Matthew   P.         ON   June 7, 1857       BLOUNT
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Smith         Aaron                ON   January 2, 1797    GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elizabeth          TO    Yates         James                ON   February 15, 1862  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elizabeth  A.      TO    Haun          Joel                 ON   August 3, 1846     JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Elizabeth  G.      TO    Ewing         George    R.         ON   January 23, 1838   KNOX
Mitchell      Elizabeth  J.      TO    Carter        Toliver              ON   May 12, 1853       ROANE
Mitchell      Elizabeth  J.      TO    Nave          Presley   W.         ON   June 26, 1861      ROANE
Mitchell      Ellen              TO    Vandigriff    Alfred               ON   December 7, 1840   KNOX
Mitchell      Emaline            TO    Dunham        William              ON   August 15, 1844    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Emaline            TO    Hicks         Henry                ON   December 29, 1839  MONROE
Mitchell      Emeline            TO    Wiles         William   A.         ON   February 22, 1835  RHEA
Mitchell      Ether              TO    Allen         George               ON   April 16, 1833     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Eveline            TO    Boring        John      D.         ON   April 29, 1840     MONROE
Mitchell      Experience         TO    Cox           Aaron                ON   July 25, 1845      GREENE
Mitchell      Fanny              TO    Winton        John                 ON   April 27, 1833     ROANE
Mitchell      Frances            TO    Bailes        Jasper               ON   December 8, 1856   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Frances            TO    Bales         Leth      M.         ON   October 4, 1845    JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Frances            TO    Bales         Seth      H.         ON   October 4, 1845    JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Frances            TO    Burdren       James                ON   January 16, 1849   GREENE
Mitchell      Frankey            TO    Wilson        John                 ON   February 15, 1842  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Hannah             TO    Haynes        Wm.                  ON   February 10, 1866  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Hannah             TO    Salts         John                 ON   January 19, 1856   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Harriet    G.      TO    Eckle         Jacob     R.         ON   February 22, 1838  KNOX
Mitchell      Harriett   E.      TO    Trim          Lewis     C.         ON   December 10, 1861  GREENE


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