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Early Eastern Tennessee Marriage Records


GROOMS                                 BRIDES
LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE   TO    LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE     ON   DATE               COUNTY
Cuningham     Prior              TO    Dobkins       M.A.                 ON   June 29, 1844      CLAIBRONE
Cuningham     William   A.       TO    Armstrong     Elizabeth J.         ON   August 5, 1858     MEIGS
Cunningham    A.G.               TO    Morrow        M.A.                 ON   April 1, 1861      MONROE
Cunningham    Aaron              TO    Hopkins       Elizabeth            ON   November 23, 1796  GREENE
Cunningham    Aaron              TO    Galion        Sarah                ON   November 18, 1845  KNOX
Cunningham    Aaron              TO    Gallyon       Syntha               ON   April 4, 1839      KNOX
Cunningham    Alexander          TO    Lamon         Sarafina             ON   January 11, 1847   WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Alfred             TO    Hatcher       Polly                ON   March 17, 1843     BLOUNT
Cunningham    Alfred    C.       TO    Hutton        Isabel               ON   August 31, 1836    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Allen     P.       TO    Cowden        Mary                 ON   November 23, 1849  BLOUNT
Cunningham    Andrew             TO    Anderson      Elizabeth            ON   November 11, 1824  KNOX
Cunningham    Aquilla            TO    Furgurson     Mary      Ann        ON   January 25, 1843   MONROE
Cunningham    B.F.               TO    Burgess       Mary                 ON   November 3, 1852   GRAINGER
Cunningham    Benjamin           TO    Shadden       Jane      A.         ON   September 11, 1867 SEVIER
Cunningham    Benjamin           TO    Hille(Hise?)  Sarah     M.         ON   October 9, 1845    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Bennett   K.       TO    Whitten       Johannah  L.         ON   October 11, 1842   JOHNSON
Cunningham    C.F.               TO    Cunningham    Mary      H.         ON   July 15, 1863      GRAINGER
Cunningham    C.G.               TO    McMahan       Eleanor              ON   January 9, 1863    SEVIER
Cunningham    Calvin             TO    Richardson    Mary      A.         ON   August 19, 1859    CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    David              TO    Cunningham    Jane                 ON   May 30, 1798       KNOX
Cunningham    David              TO    Lenney        Pressey              ON   January 13, 1798   BLOUNT
Cunningham    David     B.       TO    Henderson     Mary                 ON   December 25, 1850  McMINN
Cunningham    Elisha             TO    West          Maria                ON   October 11, 1843   ROANE
Cunningham    Ephriam            TO    Wrinkle       Charlotte            ON   October 11, 1862   KNOX
Cunningham    Francis            TO    Eastes        Nancy     F.         ON   November 12, 1856  CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    George             TO    Jameson       Mary      Ann        ON   December 1, 1855   HAWKINS
Cunningham    Goerge    W.       TO    Morriss       Hannah               ON   February 27, 1847  JEFFERSON
Cunningham    Goerge    W.       TO    Horner        Martha    M.         ON   January 1, 1849    JEFFERSON
Cunningham    Harden             TO    Harper        Rachel               ON   April 9, 1823      BLOUNT
Cunningham    Harvy              TO    Babb          Ann       Eliza      ON   December 27, 1847  GREENE
Cunningham    Hasten             TO    Johnston      Elizabeth            ON   March 24, 1859     MONROE
Cunningham    Hu                 TO    McGhee        Lucinda              ON   June 11, 1818      BLOUNT
Cunningham    Hugh               TO    Davis         Julian               ON   February 4, 1841   BLOUNT
Cunningham    Hugh               TO    Wear          Margaret             ON   October 14, 1796   GREENE
Cunningham    Hugh               TO    Morrice       Mary                 ON   March 11, 1824     BLOUNT
Cunningham    Isaac              TO    Hannah        Margaret             ON   April 23, 1793     KNOX
Cunningham    J.                 TO    Cardwell      Nancy                ON   December 23, 1844  CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    J.C.               TO    Best          F.A.                 ON   May 24, 1854       BLOUNT
Cunningham    J.H.               TO    Kile          Mary      J.         ON   September 13, 1865 MONROE
Cunningham    Jacob              TO    Wilhoit       Elizabeth            ON   October 29, 1794   GREENE
Cunningham    James              TO    Forde         Catharine J.         ON   May 2, 1861        MEIGS
Cunningham    James              TO    Hannah        Margaret             ON   April 3, 1793      KNOX
Cunningham    James              TO    Anderson      Peggy                ON   September 4, 1823  KNOX
Cunningham    James              TO    Blankenship   Pernado              ON   February 14, 1855  MEIGS
Cunningham    James              TO    Craig         Susannah             ON   April 24, 1794     KNOX
Cunningham    James     H.       TO    Smith         Susan     C.         ON   December 13, 1853  JEFFERSON
Cunningham    James     M.       TO    Lewis         Eliza                ON   January 4, 1843    RHEA
Cunningham    James     N.       TO    Nichols       Sarah     J.         ON   August 12, 1863    SEVIER
Cunningham    James     P.       TO    Adams         Orleana   Jane       ON   October 8, 1849    CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    James     R.R.     TO    Weathers      Sarah     C.         ON   June 18, 1857      MONROE
Cunningham    Jas.               TO    Stinecipher   Lucinda              ON   September 21, 1874 ROANE
Cunningham    Jas.      L.       TO    Emmet         Susan                ON   June 9, 1853       KNOX
Cunningham    Jesse              TO    Newman        Betsy                ON   July 20, 1827      KNOX
Cunningham    John               TO    Morris        Letty                ON   June 29, 1838      ROANE
Cunningham    John               TO    Sallee        Margaret             ON   October 27, 1855   McMINN
Cunningham    John               TO    Hampton       Mary                 ON   June 16, 1832      WASHINGTON
Cunningham    John               TO    Wilson        Mary      Ann        ON   May 30, 1836       KNOX
Cunningham    John               TO    Orr           Nancy                ON   July 28, 1824      BLOUNT
Cunningham    John               TO    McLamore      Polly                ON   September 12, 1839 KNOX
Cunningham    John               TO    Lamons        Rebecca              ON   November 4, 1844   WASHINGTON
Cunningham    John               TO    Shinpach      Rosannah             ON   November 16, 1810  KNOX
Cunningham    John               TO    Ervin         Sarah                ON   October 15, 1848   KNOX
Cunningham    John               TO    Burchet       Silvena              ON   August 30, 1855    CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    John               TO    McMurtry      Susanna              ON   July 17, 1826      GREENE
Cunningham    John      B.       TO    McAnally      Lucretia             ON   December 29, 1866  ROANE
Cunningham    John      W.       TO    Sevier        Elizabeth            ON   October 20, 1831   GREENE
Cunningham    Jonathan           TO    Chitty        Betsy                ON   March 2, 1816      BLOUNT
Cunningham    Love               TO    Robinson      Nancy                ON   May 14, 1858       SEVIER
Cunningham    Martin             TO    Sullivan      Martha               ON   January 25, 1844   MEIGS
Cunningham    Martin             TO    Nichols       Mary                 ON   May 13, 1861       HAMILTON
Cunningham    Miles              TO    Chermley      Betsey               ON   August 23, 1821    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Miles              TO    Denney        Mary                 ON   May 22, 1797       BLOUNT
Cunningham    Miles              TO    Denning       Mary                 ON   November 19, 1795  GREENE
Cunningham    Moses              TO    Dearmond      Esther     T.        ON   September 23, 1824 KNOX
Cunningham    Moses              TO    Long          Margaret             ON   June 29, 1795      GREENE
Cunningham    Moses              TO    Graves        Margaret (Mrs.) A.   ON   February 14, 1850  McMINN
Cunningham    Moses              TO    Simpson       Mary                 ON   June 3, 1794       KNOX
Cunningham    N.H.               TO    Fry           S.H.                 ON   October 13, 1866   MONROE
Cunningham    Paul               TO    Ford          Mary                 ON   November 11, 1824  KNOX
Cunningham    Robert             TO    Reed          Levinia              ON   February 11, 1867  SEVIER
Cunningham    Robt.              TO    Pratt         Elizabeth            ON   October 18, 1849   KNOX
Cunningham    Robt.              TO    Cloninger     Mary                 ON   January 14, 1852   KNOX
Cunningham    Saml.     B.       TO    Galbreath     Lucinda              ON   August 18, 1824    GREENE
Cunningham    Samuel             TO    Houston       Eleanor     F.       ON   October 25, 1821   KNOX
Cunningham    Samuel             TO    Miller        Patsy                ON   July 29, 1820      RHEA
Cunningham    Samuel             TO    Stephens      Rebecca              ON   April 10, 1855     KNOX
Cunningham    Samuel    B.       TO    Foster        Ann         A.D.     ON   January 22, 1846   KNOX
Cunningham    Samuel    H.       TO    Flannagan     Jean                 ON   January 15, 1806   KNOX
Cunningham    Samuel    O.       TO    Pyatt         M.H.                 ON   September 10, 1874 ROANE
Cunningham    Stephens           TO    Day           Sarah                ON   May 25, 1853       ROANE
Cunningham    T.N.L.             TO    Smith         L.J.                 ON   September 28, 1859 RHEA
Cunningham    Thomas             TO    Sampson       Caroline             ON   July 20, 1855      WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Thomas             TO    Good          Elizabeth            ON   May 3, 1856        GREENE
Cunningham    Thos.              TO    Wilson        Dicy                 ON   November 17, 1842  McMINN
Cunningham    Timothy            TO    Cooly         Vilon                ON   February 16, 1837  KNOX
Cunningham    Volentine          TO    Howard        Elizabeth            ON   May 26, 1824       ROANE
Cunningham    W.H.               TO    Underwood     Eliza       J.       ON   July 12, 1872      ROANE
Cunningham    Wiley     H.       TO    Brakebill     Sarah                ON   June 17, 1849      BLOUNT
Cunningham    William            TO    Peck          Elizabeth            ON   December 9, 1830   JEFFERSON
Cunningham    William            TO    West          Margaret             ON   September 2, 1841  MONROE
Cunningham    William            TO    Hicks         Martha               ON   December 18, 1843  CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    William            TO    Mason         Sally                ON   November 16, 1860  GRAINGER
Cunningham    William   H.       TO    Holloway      Neuy        E.       ON   October 9, 1858    RHEA
Cunningham    Wm.                TO    Torbit        Hannah               ON   January 3, 1820    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Wm.                TO    Reeder        Mary                 ON   February 3, 1861   KNOX (Black)
Cunningham    Wm.                TO    Wall          Vina                 ON   February 17, 1848  KNOX
Cunnyngham    James              TO    Keiger        Katharine            ON   August 9, 1797     JEFFERSON
Cunnyngham    William            TO    Parker        Emiline              ON   September 12, 1862 HAMILTON
Cunnyngham    Wylie     H.       TO    Locke         Elvina               ON   July 24, 1837      RHEA

Early Eastern Tennessee Marriage Records


BRIDES                                 GROOMS
LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE   TO    LAST NAME     FIRST     MIDDLE     ON   DATE               COUNTY
Cuningham     Alley              TO    Hodges        John                 ON   March 26, 1849     CLAIBORNE
Cuningham     Amanda             TO    Plumly        Daniel               ON   January 23, 1845   McMINN
Cuningham     Jane               TO    Henderson     William              ON   March 23, 1850     McMINN
Cuningham     Jane               TO    Henry         John                 ON   May 16, 1867       McMINN
Cuningham     Mahala             TO    Templeton     Allison              ON   February 26, 1845  MONROE
Cuningham     Margaret           TO    McSpadden     S.K.                 ON   May 5, 1847        MONROE
Cuningham     Sallie    A.       TO    Presswood     James     A.         ON   May 9, 1867        McMINN
Cunningham    Agnes              TO    Jones         William   B.         ON   October 9, 1804    GREENE
Cunningham    Anna               TO    Cruise        John      B.         ON   February 7, 1824   GRAINGER
Cunningham    Anna               TO    Ross          Edard                ON   November 30, 1833  GREENE
Cunningham    Betsy              TO    Pickel        Jonathan             ON   June 23, 1818      KNOX
Cunningham    C.E.M.             TO    Marshall      William              ON   January 25, 1842   MONROE
Cunningham    Charity            TO    McSpadden     Saml.                ON   February 22, 1844  McMINN
Cunningham    Charlotte          TO    Turnley       George               ON   February 7, 1791   GREENE
Cunningham    Darkus             TO    Davidson      Blair                ON   November 8, 1800   GRAINGER
Cunningham    Dicy      M.       TO    McCroskey     Samuel               ON   December 22, 1869  SEVIER
Cunningham    E.M.               TO    Huffacre      J.F.                 ON   September 14, 1854 BLOUNT
Cunningham    Eda                TO    Orr           John      R.         ON   May 16, 1839       MONROE
Cunningham    Elanor    W.       TO    Kendrick      Rufus     F.         ON   August 25, 1860    ROANE
Cunningham    Eliza              TO    Herrell       Anderson  W.         ON   June 26, 1847      CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    Eliza              TO    Robenson      Harrison             ON   December 19, 1855  GRAINGER
Cunningham    Eliza     H.       TO    Webb          Wm.       T.         ON   November 2, 1865   KNOX
Cunningham    Elizabeth          TO    Hunt          Terrill              ON   August 30, 1861    MONROE
Cunningham    Elizabeth          TO    Ramsey        William              ON   March 24, 1824     BLOUNT
Cunningham    Elizabeth          TO    White         C.F.                 ON   November 4, 1850   MONROE
Cunningham    Elizabeth A.       TO    Webber        Moses     A.         ON   April 26, 1849     KNOX
Cunningham    Ellen     Luvine   TO    Canseller     Israel               ON   February 10, 1847  McMINN
Cunningham    Esabella           TO    Hagerty       John                 ON   April 1, 1808      GRAINGER
Cunningham    Esther    S.       TO    Johnson       Robert    B.         ON   November 5, 1857   KNOX
Cunningham    Fanny              TO    Silva         William Sr.          ON   September 25, 1839 RHEA
Cunningham    Harriet   A.T.     TO    McCallie      Andrew    J.         ON   April 4, 1844      KNOX
Cunningham    Isabella           TO    McLemore      Andrew    D.         ON   April 2, 1865      KNOX
Cunningham    Jane               TO    Cunningham    David                ON   May 30, 1798       KNOX
Cunningham    Jane               TO    Houston       Walter               ON   March 15, 1826     KNOX
Cunningham    Jane               TO    McLin         James                ON   May 21, 1821       WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Jane               TO    Patton        Wm.                  ON   June 12, 1823      KNOX
Cunningham    Jane               TO    Presley       Isaac                ON   February 19, 1865  MONROE
Cunningham    Jane               TO    Wright        Paul                 ON   March 7, 1831      KNOX
Cunningham    Louise             TO    Hall          Henry                ON   July 8, 1868       JEFFERSON
Cunningham    Lucinda            TO    Davis         John                 ON   December 23, 1843  ROANE
Cunningham    Mandy              TO    Smith         John                 ON   September 15, 1856 KNOX
Cunningham    Margaret           TO    Timmons       John                 ON   February 19, 1841  KNOX
Cunningham    Martha    A.       TO    Watkins       Jesse                ON   October 27, 1835   BLOUNT
Cunningham    Martha             TO    Britt         Thomas     G.        ON   June 7, 1854       KNOX
Cunningham    Martha             TO    Gragg         Thomas               ON   January 1, 1844    GREENE
Cunningham    Martha             TO    Hartsell      William    A.        ON   July 8, 1860       MONROE
Cunningham    Martha             TO    Neel          Hiram                ON   June 23, 1853      KNOX
Cunningham    Martha    Ann      TO    Ellsworth     Hamiliton            ON   August 1, 1865     KNOX
Cunningham    Martha    E.       TO    Sevier        Wm.        R.        ON   July 18, 1844      WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Martha    R.       TO    Blair         Robert     L.        ON   November 1, 1838   WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Mary               TO    Nucomb        Enoch      M.C.      ON   June 6, 1864       MONROE
Cunningham    Mary      Ann      TO    Johnson       Wm.        B.        ON   March 17, 1851     KNOX
Cunningham    Mary      Ann      TO    McKehan       James                ON   March 22, 1853     McMINN
Cunningham    Mary      Ann      TO    Watkins       William    A.        ON   September 15, 1838 MONROE
Cunningham    Mary      Ann      TO    Weatherford   James                ON   August 22, 1849    WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Mary      C.       TO    Martin        William    A.        ON   October 10, 1850   BLOUNT
Cunningham    Mary      H.       TO    Cunningham    C.F.                 ON   July 15, 1863      GREENE
Cunningham    Mary      Jane     TO    Tallent       Jeptha               ON   December 28, 1859  MONROE
Cunningham    Melissa            TO    Baxter        Barnett              ON   December 7, 1828   WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Minerva            TO    Keith         Alfred               ON   January 15, 1846   KNOX
Cunningham    Miranda            TO    Griffin       George               ON   August 18, 1857    SEVIER
Cunningham    Mornen             TO    Perry         Lewis                ON   March 29, 1825     KNOX
Cunningham    Myranda   J.M.     TO    McCraskey     John       S.        ON   May 21, 1846       KNOX
Cunningham    Nancy              TO    Armstrong     Joseph     V.        ON   March 25, 1834     BLOUNT
Cunningham    Nancy              TO    Ekins         Michael              ON   January 3, 1848    WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Nancy              TO    Julian        Levi       W.        ON   August 24, 1841    KNOX
Cunningham    Nancy              TO    Mizer         Isaac                ON   January 30, 1838   McMINN
Cunningham    Nancy              TO    Reagan        Peter                ON   October 22, 1811   KNOX
Cunningham    Nancy     E.       TO    Carter        James      C.        ON   February 24, 1868  CLAIBORNE
Cunningham    Nancy     Jane     TO    Davis         John       W.        ON   August 20, 1839    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Nelly              TO    McLemore      Green                ON   June 13, 1827      KNOX
Cunningham    Olevey             TO    Sanders       John                 ON   December 7, 1800   GRAINGER
Cunningham    P.                 TO    Walker        P.                   ON   August 6, 1840     WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Phebe     A.       TO    Keith         Samuel     H.        ON   August 9, 1848     KNOX
Cunningham    Polly              TO    Burnett       John                 ON   July 9, 1829       KNOX
Cunningham    Polly              TO    Coker         Warren               ON   September 28, 1808 KNOX
Cunningham    Polly              TO    Goddard       Thornton             ON   February 3, 1817   KNOX
Cunningham    Polly              TO    McCorkle      John                 ON   October 13, 1813   WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Polly     Ann      TO    Cochran       Harvy                ON   December 19, 1849  MONROE
Cunningham    Priscilla          TO    McCulloch     William              ON   November 24, 1817  BLOUNT
Cunningham    Rachel             TO    Waits         James                ON   March 4, 1857      GREENE
Cunningham    Rebecca            TO    Pratt         James                ON   November 21, 1837  KNOX
Cunningham    Rhonda             TO    Selbe         John                 ON   September 9, 1820  ROANE
Cunningham    Rhody              TO    Crawford      Samuel               ON   January 15, 1828   GREENE
Cunningham    Sarah              TO    Bauchman      Nathan               ON   June 2, 1863       WASHINGTON
Cunningham    Sarah              TO    Foster        John                 ON   October 1, 1857    BLOUNT
Cunningham    Sarah              TO    Johnson       George     W.        ON   November 26, 1867  JEFFERSON
Cunningham    Sarah              TO    Jones         Malten               ON   November 11, 1869  MONROE
Cunningham    Sarah     D.       TO    Dodson        McMillan (McMinn)    ON   May 9, 1848        McMINN
Cunningham    Sarah     R.       TO    Johnson       Larkin     A.        ON   February 26, 1857  KNOX
Cunningham    Susan              TO    Stewart       Thomas               ON   April 19, 1855     GREENE
Cunningham    Synthia   M.       TO    Davis         Nathan               ON   September 17, 1841 ROANE
Cunningham    Theodocia          TO    Burgess       Lemuel               ON   July 6, 1870       ROANE
Cunninghm     Nancy     Jane     TO    Daughterty    Thomas     A.        ON   May 7, 1856        MONROE


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