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Greene County, Missouri Marriage Records Book "A" 1833-1854

15 JUN 1833  MATHIS, Thomas - Rebecah HERLEY, 
             by: Thomas Henson, Bapt. MG, pg.3, cert#19

05 AUG 1833  RULE, Nelson - Eliza LOONEY, 
             by: Richard Saye, Clk, Circuit Court pg.5, 

27 OCT 1833  CAWFIELD, Thomas - Mosila CUNNINGHAM, 
             by: John H. Glover, JP, pg.8, cert#22

24 DEC 1833  SLAGLE, Abel - Marthew LUNSFORD,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.11, cert#33

25 DEC 1833  WELCH, Michael - Laviney RULE,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.12, cert#34

23 FEB 1834  McKENNEY, James - Rhonda BERDON,
             by: James Dollison, JP, pg.12, cert#36

23 MAY 1834  TINER, Jesse - Sophia MITCHELL,
             by: Alexander A. Young, MG, pg.14, cert#43

15 JUL 1834  HENRY, William - Nancy Jamerson, 
             by: Wm. C. Campbell, JP, pg.16, cert#50

20 FEB 1834  ALEXANDER, Thomas Harrison - Eliza Ann NORTEN
             by: C. Elmon, JP, Osage Twp., pg.16, cert#52b

30 JAN 1834  HOWARD, Seth B. - Marga S. ALEXANDER,
             by: C. Elmon, JP, Osage Twp., pg.16, cert#52a
             "Marga was the daughter of George Alexander"

17 JUL 1834  WILSON, Jacob - Jane BRIDGES,
             by: Peter Graham, Esq. White River Twp.
             pg.20, cert#67

12 OCT 1834  RICE, T... - Elizabeth McCARTHA,
             by: Peter Graham, White River Twp., pg.21, cert#68

06 NOV 1834  HANCOCK, Benjamin - Elizabeth RULE,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.22, cert#73

12 FEB 1835  MATHES, Thomas - Catherine MATHIS,
             by: A.D. Smyth, MEC, pg.25, cert#85b
             "Catherine daughter of Joseph Mathis"

21 APR 1835  TERRELL, Cornelius D. - Elizabeth WILSON,
             by: Bryan T. Nowlin, MG, pg.26, cert#89

14 JUN 1836  SCAGS, Thomas - Elizabeth C. CUNNINGHAM
             by: William Archer, JP, pg.32, cert#107

06 JUL 1838  PAYNE, Daniel - Elviry SMITH,
             by: J. McBride, MG, pg.53, cert#191

12 AUG 1838  DAY, Charles - Amanda HOOVER
             by: Thomas Casebolt, MG, pg.56, cert#197

07 MAR 1839  PATTERSON, Albert G. - Mary PAINE
             by: Bryan T. Nowlin, MG, pg.60, cert#210

05 SEP 1839  JULIAN, R.C. - Polly WILSON
             by: James H. Slavens, MG, pg.63, cert#219

15 DEC 1839  WILSON, John - Nancy J. JULIAN
             by: Wm. Tatum, MG, pg.65, cert#226

03 MAY 1840  JULIAN, Samuel - Nancy WILSON
             by: John W. Wadlow, JP, pg.69, cert#239

06 AUG 1840  GOFF, William G. - Isabella McCLAIN
             by: Jonathan Carthel,  pg.71, cert#246

01 MAY 1841  LEE, Alvey - Margaret PHILLIPS
             by: David Wallis, JP, pg.73, cert#288

14 FEB 1841  MILLER, Stephen - Nancy Jane LEE
             by: David Wallis, JP, pg.79, cert#270

13 JUL 1841  BRAY, Abraham - Lietetia ALEXANDER
             by: John W. Wadlow, JP, pg.83, cert#295a

31 OCT 1841  RICE, Jonathan - Elizabeth CHASTAIN
             by: Jacob Miles, MG, pg.84, cert#299

18 OCT 1841  BROOKS, William - Caroline ALEXANDER
             by: E.F. Robards, JP, pg.86, cert#309

23 SEP 1841  SCROGGINS, Berry - Sarah WILSON
             by: D.R. Murphy, MG, pg.87, cert#315

12 DEC 1841  LEE, Robert - Phebe LEE
             by: John T. Boals, JP, pg.88, cert#319

05 MAY 1842  STOKES, Wm. Silvonas - Serrena HART
             by: Edward T. Robards, pg.96, cert#355

21 AUG 1842  HARMON, George - Catharine HALE
             by: John T. Boals, JP, pg.96, cert#356a

19 APR 1842  McELROY, John - Lucy HAIL
             by: John T. Boals, JP, pg.93, cert#343

21 AUG 1842  HAIL, Alexander - Louisa ROSS
             by: John T. Boals, JP, pg.96, cert#356b

07 NOV 1842  WILKERSON, Joel - Sarah LEE
             by: Thomas Potter, Eld.CC, pg.98, cert#362

18 JAN 1843  McKENNEY, Elnthan Durkee - Telitha Caroline CAMPBELL
             by: C.S. Yancey, CCJ, pg.99, cert#367

05 MAR 1843  BYRD, James - Dica LEE
             by: Reuben Hail, JP, pg.103, cert#387

21 SEP 1843  BRAZIEL, James C. - Thirza PAYNE
             by: Jonathan Carthel,  pg.106, cert#408

21 SEP 1843  RICE, Samuel - Mary Jane SHANNON
             by: Allen Wright,  pg.106, cert#409

27 SEP 1843  BENTON, Ren - Eliza JAMISON
             by: Joel H. Haden, ECC, pg.106, cert#410

13 AUG 1843  KELLEY, Harrison - Juliet SPRINGFIELD
             by: Jas. H. Slavens,  pg.108, cert#401

14 DEC 1843  McNATT, Levin - Lucy PAIN
             by: Jesse M. Wilkes, ECC, pg.110, cert#424

15 FEB 1844  LEA, Joseph - Sally KINSER
             by: James Arnold,  pg.114, cert#446

17 MAR 1844  MITCHELL, George W. - Mary FREEMAN
             by: B. McC. Roberts, MG, MEC, pg.117, cert#462

26 MAR 1844  CUNNINGHAM, Josiah - Eliza J. HARTON
             by: Samuel Dillard,  pg.117, cert#463

01 DEC 1844  KELLY, Christopher - Emeline GOOD
             by: J.C. Crider, Eld. pg.124, cert#498

05 JAN 1845  EDDINGTON, Wade H. - Nancy RICE
             by: Levi Curton, MG, pg.125, cert#504

06 MAR 1845  MURPHY, Thomas - Eliza HART
             by: David Ross, MG, pg.127, cert#517

03 JUN 1845  LATTIMORE, Anderson - Rebecca PATTERSON
             by: Allen Wright, ECC, pg.127, cert#520

08 JUL 1845  LEE, Erasmus D. - Louisa McKINZEY
             by: George W. Dodson, MG, pg.131, cert#541

16 AUG 1846  LEE, Alva - Nancy KINSER
             by: A.J. Wilkisson, Eld. CC,  pg.143, cert#610

30 AUG 1846  KINSER, Jefferson - Sarah Ann LEA
             by: A.J. Wilkisson, Eld. CC, pg.143, cert#612 

06 SEP 1846  HARGIS, John - Polly YANDLE
             by: John Smith, JP, pg.144, cert#614

19 NOV 1846  ALEXANDER, William - Frances MORRISON
             by: C.C. Williamson, pg.149, cert#643

03 NOV 1846  ROUNTREE, Almus L. - Delilah MITCHELL
             by: J.M. Kelly, MG, pg.149, cert#646

24 DEC 1846  KILLINGSWORTH, James - Susan KELLY
             by: John Gilmore, MG, pg.153, cert#669

18 APR 1847  WOODROME, William - Martha Jane MITCHELL
             by: N.J. Woorom, MG, pg.153, cert#670
             (this couple md., in the house of Mr. Claiborn Holcomb)

14 SEP 1847  PAYNE, Archibald - Elizabeth YARBOUGH
             by: James Blakey,  pg.158, cert#699

21 FEB 1848  MATHIS, John - Nancy CARTER
             by: Wm. Owen, JP, Taney Co., Mo., pg.166, cert#747

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