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Polk County, Missouri Deaths

Some ancestors from my family!

AMMERMAN, Sanford, male, 68y 1m, farmer, d. Sep. 12, 1883, 10pm, 
married, b. Bourbon Co., KY, in MO 66y, d. Marion Twp., calcorious 
degenerating of arteries, 2y, immediate cause of death was heart 
failure, chronic bronchitis, 18y, buried Bolivar, Sep. 12, 1883, 
J.S. Looney, Bolivar.
J.E. Loafman, Bolivar, #1, September 14, 1883

ASHLOCK, Margaret S., female, 43y 7m 17d, d. September 1, 1883, 
married, b. Sumner Co., TN., d. Madison Twp of catarrah of lungs, 
11d, metustusis to bowels, 2m, buried Barren Creek, undertaker from 
I.M. Jones, MD, Bolivar #29, September 1, 1883.

ANDREWS, J.J. male, 10y, d. December 1, 1883, single, b. Polk County,
d. Benton Twp, Fracture of skull, 12hrs, buried Gordon Grave Yard, 
December 2, 1883, J.S. Looney, Bolivar.
S.H. Griffin, MD, Halfway, #64, December 3, 1883.

APPLEBY, Lydia Ann, female, 50y 5m 1d, farmer's wife, d. November 
15, 1883, 11pm, married, born Tennessee, in MO 40y, d. Looney Twp of
congestive fever, 7d, asthma 20y, buried Morrisville, November 17, 1883.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #66, November 20, 1883.

ADAMS, Ann Louisa, female, 4m 15d, d. December 12, 1883, 5am, b&d 
Marion Twp, ill 2m, buried H. Brown farm December 12, 1883, Marion 
H. Brown, Bolivar, #72, December 23, 1883.

ADKINSON, Hiram, male, 14y, d. Jamuary 3, 1884, 3pm, d. Looney Twp 
of double pneumonia, 9d, buried Fouts Cem January 4, 1884.
C.N. Headlee, MD, Pleasant Hope, #77, January 16, 1884.

ATWOOD, James, male, 68y, farmer, d. April 24, 1884, Widower, b. TN.,
in MO 30y, d. Polk Co., of phtisis pneumonia, errasis ankle joint, 
25y, buried Looney Twp, April 25, 1884.
J.S.M. Haralson, Mooney Twp, #154, April 24, 1884.

ALLESON, Abner, male, 69y 11m 3d, farmer, d. July 2, 1884, 4am, 
Widower, b. Todd Co., KY., in MO 44y, d. Rondo, general debility, 
congestion of stomach, buried Rondo, July 3, 1884, Mitchell & Martin, 
J.B. Wann, MD, Humansville, J.W. Allison, Rondo, #163, July 30, 1884.

AYRES, Charles H., male, 1y 2m 24d, d. July 20, 1884, 1pm, b&d 
Johnson Twp of dysentery, 8d, buried Shady Grove Cem, Mitchell & 
Martin, Humansville.
J.B. Wann, MD, Humansville, #181, August 25, 1884.

ANDERSON, William Lemmon, male, 2y, d. September 5, 1884, 11pm, b. 
Jackson Twp., d. at Calvin Andersons Polk Co., of cholra infantum, 
7wksm buried Hickory Grove.
William Lemmon, MD, #195, September 5, 1884.

AKENS, Frank Lerlie, male, 4m 8d, d. December 21, 1884, 11am, b&d 
Humansville, croup, 36hrs, buried Humansville, December 22, 1884, 
Mitchell & Martin, Humansville.
A.W. Mitchell, MD, Humansville, #250, January 9, 1885.

ATKINSON, Penelope, female, 54y 2d, housewife, d. June 15, 1885, 
7am, married, b. Harrison Co., OH, in MO 2y, d. Mooney Twp of 
drowning, buried Pleasant Hope, June 18, 1885, Levi Atkinson, 
husband, Mooney Twp., #328, July 13, 1885.

ADAMS, John, male, 1y 6m 4d, d. September 28, 1885, b&d Marion Twp.,
chronic diarrhea, 2m.
J.E. Loafman, MD, Bolivar, #376, October 11, 1885

BATTEN, Elizabeth - female - age 9 months, died September 6, 1883.
Born: KS, in Missouri 5 months.  Died Marion Township of malarial
remittent fever, hereditary scropulia with simdiabrel trouble.
J.F. Roberts, Bolivar, #5, September 15, 1883.

CALLOWAY, John, male, 42 years, 11 months, 17 days.  Died September
17, 1883, married, in Missouri life, born: MO., d. Benton township
of Inflamation of the bowls, 14 days, buried Mt. Gilead grave yard,
September 18, by John LOONEY, Bolivar.
S.H. Griffin, MO., Halfway #14, September 28, 1883.

CALLOWAY, Flora, female, age 18 years, 6 months, 7 days, housewifery,
died September 1, 1885, 10pm, Single, b. Polk County, d. Marion Twp
of continued fever 16 days, nervous prostration, buried Mt. Gilead, 
by John Brown.
J.W. Farmer, MD, Bolivar, #434, September 10, 1885.

CUNNINGHAM, T.A., male, 75 yrs., farmer, d. June 18, 1889, 9pm,
married, born: TN, in Missouri 35 years, d. Looney Twp of cancerous
ulceration of the bowls, buried Morrisville Cem June 19, 1889.
AF & AM Lodge #160
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville #613, July 16, 1889.

CUNNYNGHAM, Albert, male, 20 years, farmer, died March 12, 1886.
Single, b&d Morrisville, pneumonia, 7 days, malarial taxsinia, 
4 months, buried Morrisville Cem., March 13, 1886 by Crannals
& Christian, Morrisville.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville #451, March 31, 1886.

CUNNYNGHAM, James, male, 87 yrs, farmer, d. March 24, 1888, b. KY, 
in Missouri 25 years, d. Wishart, pneumonia, senile debility, 10 days,
buried Enon Cem.
J. Lemmon, MD., Morrisville, #571, April 23, 1888.

EWING, W.M., male, 39 years, 9 months, farmer, d. June 1, 1886, 4am.
widower, b. Polk County, d. near Morrisville of pernicious remittent
fever, 10 weeks, chronic gastretis, 7 years, buried Morrisville Cem.,
June 2, 1886, Pleasant Lodge #160, AF & AM, Morrisville
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #460, June 2, 1886.

FARRIS, _______, female, 69 yrs, housekeeping, d. Dec 8, 1886, widow,
d. Marion Twp., of pneumonia, 6 days, buried Mt. Gilead Cem., Faulkner
& Wilcoxen, Bolivar.
J.E. Loapman, Bolivar, #505, Jan 1, 1887.

LOONEY, Jennie, female, black, 24 yrs, 9 months, 10 days, housemaid,
d. October 11, 1884, 9pm, single, b&d Looney Twp of congestion remitant
fever, 14 days, buried Looney Twp., October 12, 1884, Charley Balen,
G.W. Barnett, MD, Brighton, #222, 1884.

MITCHELL, James William, male, 3 1/2 days, d. July 30, 1884, 3 1/2pm
b&d Humansville, croop, 9hrs, buried Humansville, July 30, 1884, 
Mitchell & Martin, Humansville.
A.W. Mitchell, MD, Humansville, #164, August 1, 1884.

MITCHELL, Lenora S., female, 1yr, 10mth, 8da, d. June 14, (1884)
b. Polk Co., d. Jackson Twp of membrane croop, 3 days. buried
Mitchell Campground Cem., N.S. Kinder, Orleans.
M.Wiley, MD, Orleans, #166 (no date listed)

MITCHELL, Sarah Delia, female, 61 yr, 1 mth, 23da, minister's wife,
d. June 12, 1884, 1am, married, b.TN, in Missouri 32 years, d. Mooney
Twp of gastretis complication, liver, lungs with heart, 25 years.
buried Hodges Cem, June 13, 1884, Eli Paxton, Spfld, Mo.
W.H. Cowden, MD, #168, July 6, 1884

MITCHELL, Jerome A., male, 10yr, 8mth, 23da, d, July 29, 1884, 3am,
b. Polk County, d. Johnson Twp of dysentery, pertussis, 3 weeks, 
buried Humansville, June 30, 1884, Mitchell & Martin, Humansville.
A.W. Mitchell, MD, Humansville, #174, August 8, 1884.

MITCHELL, Ettie Jane, female, 3 months, 3 days, d. September 3, 1884.
b&d Johnson Twp of indesgestion, 1 month, buried Plum Grove Cem 
September 4, 1884.  N. Fox, Johnson Twp.
A.W. Mitchell, Humansville, #193, September 9, 1884.

MITCHELL, John A.C., male, 49 yrs, 14 days, farmer, d. December 5, 1884.
6pm, married, b. Morrisville, d. Looney Twp of pneumonis, 9 days,
buried Morrisville Cem, December 7, 1884 (no undertaker listed)
Barnes, Miller & Lemmons, MD, #245, 1884.

MITCHELL, Mary B., female, 62yrs, 9mths, 12da, minister's widow,
d. January 8, 1885, 6pm, widow, b. Sumner Co., TN., in Missouri
21 yrs., d. Brighton of congestion of stomach, longtime, gastic
trouble for years. Buried Brighton, January 10, 1885, Berlew,
Brighton, Miller, Lemmon & Barnes, MD, Morrisville & Brighton,
#268, 1885.

MITCHELL, _________, male, colored, 3days, d. January 4, 1885, 9am,
b&d Bolivar of hemorrhage from the umbelicus, 2days, buried, Bolivar
J.W. Farmer, MD, Bolivar, #228, January 6, 1885.

MITCHELL, Sally, female, 78yrs, farmer, d. April 9, 1885, widow, b.TN
in Missouri 40 yrs, d. near Morrisville of continued fever, 8 weeks, 
hypostiatic competuns of lungs, 10 days, buried Mitchell Campground
Cem., April 11, 1885.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #315, April 24, 1885.

Moser, Mrs, female, 71yrs, d. (1885), b. IN, d. Orleans of dysentery,
12 days, buried Mitchell Campground Cem.
L.C. Neil, MD, Orleans, #351. 1885.

MITCHELL, James Earl, male, 4 months 20 days, d. September 5, 1885, 2pm,
b&d Rondo of malarial fever, 2 weeks, buried Rondo, September 6, 1885.
J.R. Allison.
J.W. Allison, MD, Rondo, #367, September 25, 1885.

MILLER, Lemuel, male, 1 year, 2 months, 3 days, d. August 24, 1885,
11 1/2pm, b. MO, d. Benton Twp, ill 1 month, buried Reed Cem., 
Anderson, Benton Twp.
B.F. Barnes, MD, F(B)lint Prairie, #370, September 24, 1885.

MOTEN, Mattie, female, 9 month, 10 days, d. August 15 (1885), 4pm,
b. MO., d. Looney Twp., of flux, 14 days, buried Hickory Grove Cem, 
C. Berlew, Brighton.
J.W. Miller, MD, Morrisville, #380, September 12, 1885.

MITCHELL, Arthur, male, 55 years, farmer, d. November 12, (1885), 7pm,
married, b. MO., d. Looney Twp., of pernicious fever, 90 days,
buried Morrisville, November 13, 1885.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #402, November 12, 1885.

MIDDLETON, ______, female, 2 days, d. December 22, 1885, b&d Benton
Twp., ill 2days, buried Ragsdail Cem., W.H.Branham. I.H. Middleton,
parent, #402, (no date listed)

MILLER, M.E., female, 14yr, 11mth, 25da, d. Jan 29, (1886), 1pm,
b. IL in Missouri 8yr, d. Benton Twp of arthritis, 24 days, 
septiceamia, 7 weeks, buried Reed's Cem January 30, W.H. Branham.
S.W. Cossins, MD, Halfway, #428, 1886.

MENIBEE, R.W., male, 70yrs, 5mth, 19da, blacksmith, d. March 22, 1886,
6pm, married, b. KY, d. Bolivar of nervo rheumatism, 60 days, buried
Bolivar March 23, 1886, Wilcoxen & Faulkner.
J.E. Loapman, MD, Bolivar, #449, March 30, 1886.

MILLS, Jacob M., male, 51yrs, 10mths, farmer, d. June 16, 1886, 8am,
married, b. OH., in Missouri 9 months, d. Bolivar of chronic gastrittes,
internal hemorrhage, 6 months, buried Bolivar, June 16, 1886,
Wilcoxen & Faulkner, Bolivar.
G.W. Weaver, MD, Bolivar, & A.P. Mitchell, MD, #470, June 18, 1886.

MALICOAT, Albert, male, 29yrs, farmer, d. August 20, 1886, married,
b. Polk Co., d. Orleans of acute Brights disease of kidney. 5 weeks,
hemorrhage of bowls, buried Mitchell Campground Cem.
L.C. Neil, MD, Orleans, #480, 1886.

MCCOLM, William E., male, 12yr, 9mth, 5da, farmer, d. September 15, 
1886, 1 1/2pm, b. MO., d. Benton Twp of malarial fever, 4mth, 12da, 
spinal irritation, nearly 30da, buried Pleasant Hill, Spetember 16, 
1886, Wilcoxen & Co., Bolivar.
B.F. Barnes, MD, F(B)lint Prairie, #494, October 1, 1886.

MOORES, Charles, male, 6 hours, d. January 16, 1887, 2pm,
d. 3rd ward, Bolivar, premature birth, buried Bolivar Cem,
January 17, 1887, W.O. Wilcoxen, Bolivar.
W.G. Weaver, MD, Bolivar, #508, January 19, 1887.

MITCHELL, Lonnie L., male, 21yr, 1mth, 7da, d. January 31, 1887,
6:30am, single, b&d Morrisville of pneumonia, enysipelas, 14da,
buried Morrisville, neighbors, Morrisville.
W.W. Ellis, MD, Morrisville, #512. February 15, 1887.

MAGILLE, Andre J., male, 6mths, 4da, d, February 14, 1887, 5am,
b&d Polk Co., of pneumonia 23da, typhoid fever, 14da, buried
Rice Grave Yard. (Dade Co), February 14, 1887.
Baker, MD, Polk Co., #516, February 19, 1887.

MCCOLM, Oliver T., male, 17da, d. January 17, 1887, 10:30pm,
b. MO, d. Marion Twp of croup, 3 or 4da, buried Burns Cem.,
January 19, 1887.
B.F. Barnes, MD, F(B)lint Prairie, #517, February 22, 1887.

MITCHELL, James H.C., male, 61yr, 3da, farmer, d. May 22, 1888,
4:56pm, married, French & German, b. Roane Co, TN., in Missouri
53yr, d. Polk Co of ascending paralysis, 6 weeks, buried Shady
G.W. Burnes, Shady Grove, #582, June 1, 1888.

MITCHELL, Wilson, male, 11mth, d. August 12, 1888, Irish, b&d 
Polk Co of typhoid fever, 21da, buried Polk Co, Madison Twp.
G.W. Burnes, Shady Grove, #585, August 25, 1888.

MOOR, Walter E., 7yr, 6mth, 11da, d. December 5, 1888, 6:50am,
b. Polk Co., d. Marion Twp of typho-malarial fever. 17da, 
pneumonia causing asphyxia, 7da, buried Mt. Gilead, December 5,
R.M. Dysart, Bolivar.
B.S. Odor, MD, Bolivar, #598, December 31, 1888.

MCCORDE, ______, male, infant, 5da, d. May 14, 1884, 5am,
b&d Humansville, ill 1 day, buried Humansville Cem., Mitchell
& Martin, Humansville.
J.B. Wann, MD, Humansville, #159, June 14, 1884.

MCENTYRE, Carl, male, 4mth, 7da, d. July 20, 1884, 7pm,
b&d Humansville of dysentery 12da, buried Humanville, Jul 21, 1884,
Mitchell & Martin, Humansville.
J.B. Wann, MD, Humansville, #182, August 25, 1884.

MCLAUGHLIN, Margaret, female,(no age listed) d. October 26, 1884,
married, d. Bolivar of typho malarial fever, 2 weeks.
W.G. Drake, MD, Bolivar, #215, October 28, 1884.

MCKINNEY, Arch M., male, 9mths, 15da, d. October 26, 1884, 7pm,
b. Polk Co, d. Benton Twp of hepatitis, 2 weeks.
A.M. Jones, MD, Halfway, #236, November 5, 1884.

MCCABE, Mable, female, 2yr, d. Febuary 16, 1885, b&d Bolivar
of congestive fever, 8da, buried Bolivar.
W.G. Drake, MD, #297, (no date listed)

MCCLURE, Jim, male, colored, 78yr, 7mth, 11da, farmer, d. March
26, (1885), 1am, widower, b. AL, in Missouri 45yr, d. Washington
Twp (st. Clair Co), senile gangreen, 6mth, buried Zion Chapel
(St. Clai Co.) March 28, 1885.
S.H. Griffin, MD, Humansville, #305, April 3, 1885.

MCSWAIN, Elizabeth, L., female, 11yr, 7mth, 18da, d. May 7, 1885,
9:20am, b. Polk Co., d. Marion Twp of phthisis, buried May 8, 1885.
B.F. Wilson, MD, #317, May 11, 1885.

MCGUIRE, Johnna Arthur, male, 17mth, 2da, d, July 26, 1885, 5pm,
b&d Brighton of dysentery, 8da, buried Pleasant Hope, July 27, 1887,
Charley Berler, Brighton.
Headlee & Barnes, Pleasant Hope & Brighton, #340, 1885.

RAGSDALE, Lewis, male, 72yr, 11mth, 8da, farmer, d, January 17, 1887,
10:50am, married, b. KY in Missouri 12yr., d. Benton Twp of cordealgia,
12hrs, buried Schofield Chapel, F.M. Com??, Benton Twp.
S.W. Cossins, MD, Halfway, #551, February 9, 1887.

ROWEN, Ely, male, 63yr, 10mth, 3da, farmer, d. January 31, 1887, 
married, b. TN in Missouri 47yr, d. Polk Co of epilepsy, 34yr, 
typhoid pneumonia, 7da, buried Moore Cem (Dade Co), February 1,
Baker, MD, Polk Co., #515, February 19, 1887.

ROBERTSON, Eddie, male, 2yr, 2mth, d. August 6, 1887, 2am,
b&d near Wishart of congestion of bowels, 10da, buried Mitchell
Campground, August 7, 1887.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #544, August 6, 1887.

ROBERTSON, Fanny, female, 69yr, farmer's wife, d. October 24, 1887,
2pm, married, b. TN, d. near Morrisville of asthma, 20yr, mibral sesion,
buried Enon, October 26, 1887.
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #556, November 30, 1887.

RUYLE, Benjamin, male, 20yr, farmer, d. April 20 (1888) 9am,
single, b&d Morrisville of spinal meningitis, 7da, buried 
Brighton, March 21, 1888, Wm. Crenolds, Morrisville.
J.W. Miller, MD, Morrisville, #579, May 29, 1888.

RUYLE, Gideon, male, 72yr, farmer, d. April 27 (1888), 1pm,
b. TN in Missouri 53yrs., d. Looney Twp of pneumonis 16da, 
buried Morrisville, April 28, Wm. Crenolds, Morrisville.
J.W. Miller, MD, Morrisville, #580, May 29, 1888.

ROOK, Ada Jane, female, 3mth, 9da, d. May 26, 1888, 11pm,
b. Polk Co. d. Frisco of hives, 32da, buried Turkey Creek,
W.C.T. Wood, Walnut Grove.
Wm. Lemmon, MD, Frisco, #581, May 29, 1888.

RICE, Lizzie, female, 5mth, 1da, d. August 18 (1888), 3pm,
b&d Wishart of Flux, 5da, buried Mitchell Campground, August
20, 1888.
J.W. Miller, MD, Morrisville, #586, August 31, 1888.

SHERIDAN, Florence, female, 9yr, 8mth, 6da, d. July 17, 1883,
3am, b. Ft. Scott, KS, in Missouri 7yr, d. Marion Twp of
congestion of stomach and bowels caused by eating large quanity
of uncooked vegetables, 3da, buried Mt. Gilead, July 17, 1883.
J.S Looney & Son, Bolivar.
E.S. Oder, MD, Bolivar, #7, July 17, 1883.

SEAMSTER, Lizzie, female, 8yr, d. September 25, 1883, 1am,
b. Polk Co., d. Payne's Prairie of pernious remittant fever,
2 weeks, buried Paynes Burial Ground.
A.M. Jones, MD, Polk, #21, September 27, 1883.

SMOOT, Julia, female, 5yr, d. November 2, 1883 in 3rd ward,
Bolivar, of typho malaria fever, 14da, cebrial congistion, 4da,
buried Bolivar, November 3, 1883.
J.E. Loafman, MD, Bolivar, #54, November 3, 1883.

STEWART, Nancy B.I., female, 23yr, 2mth, 6da, farmer, d. October
16, 1883, 1pm, married, b. Cedar Co., MO., d. Jefferson Twp of
absess of lungs, 7mth, buried Paynes Prairie, October 17, 1883.
Beckner & Ramsey, Bolivar.
I.M. Jones, MD, Marion Twp, #62, October 23, 1883.

STALLINS, Israel W., male, (no age listed), wagon maker, d. 
January 1, 1884, 4am, married, b. TN, d. east ward, Bolivar 
of appoplexy producing paralyses, 16hrs, buried Bolivar.
J.W. Farmer, MD, Bolivar, #87, January 23, 1884.

TUCK, Joe, male, 86yr, 10mth, 21da, farmer, d, May 24, 1887,
6am, married, b. VA in Missouri 50yr., d. Looney Twp of
hypertrophy of the prostate gland, a long time, buried
Brighton, May 26, 1887, Robert Dysart, Bolivar.
George W. Barnes, MD, Brighton, #534, June 1, 1887.

TACKETT, James L., male, 2yr, 4mth, 20da, d. August 29, 1887,
b&d Madison Twp of remittent fever, 11da, inflammation of 
bowels and stomach, 7da, buried Shady Grove, August 30, 1887.
G.W. Burnes, Shady Geove, #547, September 6, 1887.

VAUGHN, William, male, 43yr, 7mth, 13da, farmer, d. July 20, 1883, 
8am, married, b. MO, d. Marion Twp of consumption and kidney disease,
over 1yr, buried Barren Creek Church, J.S. Looney & Son, Bolivar.
E.S. Oder, MD, Bolivar, #10, July 20, 1883.

VENABLE, Lewis, male, 72yr, minister, d. September 12, 1883, 10am,
married, b. Washington Co., VA, in Missouri 15yr. d. Marion Twp of
neuralgia and paralysis resulting in dropsy, 5 weeks, buried Mt.
Gilead Church, David Holton.
J.W. Farmer, MD, Bolivar, #27, October 12, 1883.

VANTRUMP, Isabell, female, 4mth, 27da, d. July 18, 1884, 5_m,
b. Ozark Co, MO., d. Bolivar of marasmus and cholera infantum,
2 weeks, buried Bolivar July 18, 1884, J.S. Looney, Bolivar.
A.D. Vantrump, Bolivar, #167, August 4, 1884.

VANDINE, Sarah, female, 53yr, housewife, (no death date, ca Feb
27, 1885), married, d. Polk Co of sequalis of measles, 9mth,
stomach and all the digestive organs affected so that no food
was taken, confined 2 weeks, buried Bolivar.
J.W. Farmer, MD, #308, February 28, 1885.

VERNON, Delitha, (no sex listed), colored, 14yr, 6mth, 26da, d.
April 10 (1885), 3am, b. MO, d. Johnson Twp of scrofula, 5mth,
buried Humansville, Hill & Tillery.
S.H. Griffin, MD, Humansville, #314, April 25, 1885.

VERMILLION, John F., male, 31yr, 8mth, 15da, farmer, d. June
20, 1886, 2 1/2pm, married, b. MO, d. Looney Twp of tetonus, 8da,
buried Brighton, June 21, 1886.
Barnes & Lemmon, MD, #469, 1886.

VANDERFORD, M.E., female, 23yr, 4mth, 3da, d. November 5, (1886),
2am, married, b. MO, d. Benton Twp of septicemae, 7da, buried Reed
Cem, November 7, Jno. Larison, Benton Twp.
S.W. Cossins, Halfway, #500, 1886.

WILSON, Mrs. Jane, female, 66yr, 5mth, 29da, d. February 25, 1888,
2:30pm, widow, b. IN in Missouri 14yr. d. 2nd ward, Bolivar of
congestion of stomach and bowels. 10da, pneumonia, 4da, buried
Bolivar Cem., February 26, 1888, R.M. Dysart, Bolivar.
E.S. Odor, MD, Bolivar, #568, March 3, 1888.

WOODARD, Mrs. Coley, female, 20yr, housewife, d. Mar __, (1888). 
b. MO, d. Morrisville of pulmonary consumption, 3 or 4yr. buried
J. Lemmon, MD, Morrisville, #572, April 23, 1888.

WINTON, Sarah A., female, 69yr, 6mth, 17da, d. March 4, 1888, 8pm,
married, b. TN, in Missouri 53yr. d. Wishart of abscess of liver, 
3mth. Buried Mitchell Campground, May 6, 1888.
J.W. Miller, MD, Morrisville, #578, May 24, 1888.

WEISS, Marten Luther, male, 5yr, 4mth, 24da, d. August 4, 1888,
10:15_m, b. Polk Co., d. Marion Twp of dysentery, 10da, buried
Devin Cem, August 5, 1888, W.O. Wilcoxen, Bolivar.
W.S. Odor, MD, Bolivar, #584, August 17, 1888.

WILLIAMS, John Franklin, male, 3yr, 1mth, d. December 11, 1888,
2am, b&d Polk Co., of typhopneumonia, 28da, buried Mitchell 
Campground, December 12.
A.J. Baker, MD, Gulf, #602, January 14, 1889.

YOUNG, Walter, male, 2yr, d. December 16, 1885, 7pm, b. Richmond,
MO., d. west ward, Bolivar of catarrhral fever and congestion of
lungs, 10da, buried Lebanon, MO, Wilcoxen.
J/W/ Farmer, MD, Bolivar, #431, December 17, 1885.

ZUMWALT, Loretta, female, 63yr, housewife, d. February 7, 1884, 3am,
widow, b, Franklin Co., MO., d. Green Twp of capilliary bronchitis,
2 weeks, buried Mount View Cem, February 8, 1884.
A.M. Jones, MD, Polk, #100, February 15, 1884.

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