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Thank you for visiting the Mitchell Campground Cemetery page. 
In the hopes that these tombstone inscriptions may be of help to
someone, they were taken and placed on this page from 
The Cemetery Directory of Polk County, Missouri.  
Compiled and Published by the Historical Society of 
Polk County, Missouri, Inc.  Bolivar, Missouri.  
August, 1979.

Still working on getting these all entered, thanks for your patience.

ALLEN, Shirley Ann (Nov.14,1938)
APPLEBY, Frances B. (1861-1869)
APPLEBY, infant dau. (Oct.30,1863-Nov.14,1863)
APPLEBY, Jerome Mc. (Mar.28,1865-Aug.28,1865)
APPLEBY, Rebecca A. (1838-1873)
APPLEBY, Susan E. (1847-1882)
APPLEBY, Truckee (Feb.11,1882-Sep.14,1882)
ARMSTRONG, Ada (Jan.29,1913-May 10,1916)
ARMSTRONG, Mildred (Jan.6,1917-Jan.10,1917)
AYERS, Penelope A. (May 14,1822-Apr.20,1891)

BLEVINS, Jas. M. (n.d.)
BOX, Annie R. (1863-1952)
BOX, Partheny (Sep.10,1823-Oct.19,1861)
BOX, Samuel (1862-1942)
BOX, Sarah (May 19,1831-Oct.20,1867)
BOX, Sarah C. (Apr.12,1838-Jan.25,1916)
BRIM, Elizabeth (May 15,1842-Mar.23,1876)
BRIM, Joseph A. (Nov.8,1804-Mar.7,1878)
BRIM, Lucy A. (n.d.-Apr.19,1873)
BRIM, Lucy Jane (Nov.19,1831-Apr.8,1870)
BRIM, Mary F. (May 12,1850-Feb.4,1929)
BRIM, Thomas O. (Feb.12,1833-May 28,1914)
BRIM, William W. (n.d.-Feb.4,1883)

CAMPBELL, John W. (1873-1937)
CAMPBELL, Luedie E. (b&d 1895)
CAMPBELL, Matt E. (Jan.5,1903-n.d.)
CAMPBELL, Maude I. (1876-1934)
CAMPBELL, Nerva M. (Mar.11,1908-Jun.11,1940)
CAMPBELL, Perry (1897-1903)
CATES, Elizabeth (n.d.-Sep.1,1875)
CHESSER, A.N. (Nov.15,1847-May 22,1918)
CHILDRESS, Addie G. (Aug.21,1892-Mar.21,1946)
CHILDRESS, A. Julen (Jun.15,1891-Sep.15,1970)
CORNELL, Rebecca (1845-1931)
COWDEN, E.E.A. (Sep.7,1894-Oct.6,1894)
COWDEN, H.S. (Jan.15,1884-May 31,1960)
COWDEN, infants (3) (n.d.)
COWDEN, J.H. (May 14,1861-Jan.24,1931)
COWDEN, R.A. (Dec.24,1858-Mar.16,1912)
COWDEN, S.H. (Aug.9,1886-Dec.26,1890)
COX, Arah(or Sarah) (d. Sep.27,1882)

DAVIS, Allison B. (Jan.20,1836-Apr.6,1861)
DAVIS, Almarind? (Apr.18,1830-Sep.4,1858)
DAVIS, Alpha E. (Mar.12,1853-Sep.22,1866)

EAVES, E.L. (1859-1920)
EAVES, W.P. (1855-1929)
ELFS, Iona (Jun.7,1866-May 13,1909)
ELFS, Jewell (1905-1927)
ELFS, Ola (1848-1914)
ELFS, Parlie (1907-1910)
ELLIS, Coy Oliver (Oct.12,1855-Feb.1,1864)
EWING, Arthur (Jul.2,1802-Feb.18,1869)
EWING, Sally (Oct.3,1819-Mar.12,1857)

FARLESS, Alice C. (n.d.-Aug.1,1869)
FARMER, John W. (Jul.30,1857-Sep.18,1869)
FARMER, Little Lizzie (May 24,1860-Aug.22,1862)
FARMER, Stephen M. (Nov.21,1859-Jul.18,1869)
FOSTER, B. Clarence (1893-1949)
FOSTER, Columbus Jahue (Mar.18,1883-Sep.1,1947)
FOSTER, Cora Belle (Nov.30,1881-Sep.17,1972)
FOSTER, Herman (mar.5,1915-Apr.3,1918)
FOSTER, Joseph (Mar.18,1851-Sep.26,1935)
FOSTER, L. May (1898-n.d.)
FOSTER, Luel A. (Jun.24,1900-Aug.2,1902)
FRANKLIN, Sarah (1864-1946)
FRANKLIN, W.H. (1867-1932)

GILL, Ethel E. (Jul.12,1891-Jun.27,1892)
GILL, infant son (n.d.)
GRAVES, Zilda L. (Jan.5,1938)
GRIFFIN, Charles (Oct.12,1877-Feb.18,1956)
GRIFFIN, Doren (1913-1915)
GRIFFIN, Ellen E. (1877-1963)
GRIFFIN, Lena L. (n.d.-Mar.26,1886)
GRIFFIN, Lena Rebecca (Mar.15,1866-Apr.16,1888)
GRIFFIN, Nancy A. (Jul.21,1840-Jul.2,1914)
GRIFFIN, Salley Myrtle (Apr.28,1882-Sep.27,1883)
GRIFFIN, Tom (1880-1943)
GUNN, Maggie (Aug.18,1871 - Nov.24,1951)
GUNN, William O. (Sep.16,1866 - May 16,1911)

HAGER, Bessie (n.d.-Mar.23,1917)
HAGER, Cassa (1870-1948)
HAGER, Cecil (Jan.4,1907-Mar.18,1921)
HAGER, Dona M. (Dec.13,1888-Jan.27,1958)
HAGER, Edd (Dec.8,1883-Nov.9,1952)
HAGER, infant (1899)
HAGER, Lewis G. (Feb.14,1881-n.d.)
HAGER, Lucile (Feb.27,1915-Jun.27,1916)
HAGER, Mary E. (1870-1930)
HAGER, Minnie (May 3,1893-Dec.21,1949)
HAGER, Nina M. (1909-1912)
HALE, Cyntha (Dec.20,1820-Mar.18,1865)
HARBOR, J.L. (1898-1900)
HARRALSON, Dail (Nov.29,1911-Jun.21,1920)
HARRALSON, Elizabeth J. (Mar.23,1882-Dec.13,1952)
HARRALSON, J. Wisser (Sep.9,1878-Sep.21,1957)
HARRALSON, Marcalet? V. (Aug.17,1851-Jan.16,1919)
HARRALSON, Marvin Lee (Jun.17,1914)
HARRALSON, Mother (Jun.11,1843-Feb.1,1912)
HARRALSON, N.S. (Jan.8,1852-Nov.28,1931)
HARRALSON, Willie 'Gene' (Nov.20,1919-n.d.)
HARRALSON, Wilma Ruth (Jul.8,1925-Jul.4,1959)
HOOK, Charley T. (n.d.-Oct.16,1884)
HUGHES, Helen Naoma (Sep.7,1911-Jul.10,1912)

JEFFERIES, Virgie (WAGGONER) (1899-1919)

KILLINGSWORTH, Amanda E. (n.d.-Jul.3,1887)
KINDER, infant (Sep.20,1871)
KINDER, J.C. (n.d.-Oct.6,1872)
KINDER, J.M. (May 1,1824-Mar.28,1901)
KINDER, Martha E. (n.d.-Mar.17,1884)
KINDER, M.J. (Jan.13,1820 or 1829-Jun.3,1905)
KINDER, N.N. (1852-1926)
KING, Mary J. (1847-1882)
KIRBY, Charley (1877-1937)
KIRBY, Charley Coy (Jun.13,1898-Oct.18,1916)
KIRBY, Eljorah (1882-1937)
KIRBY, Fannie (1854-1927)
KIRBY, Lewis (1847-1882)
KIRBY, William S. (May 12,1846-Jan.25,1910)

LANE, Joseph (Jul.16,1835-Jan.24,1891)
LANE, Sarah (Jun.27,1838-Feb.23,1911)
LEE, J.A. (1852-1939)
LEE, Mary C. (Feb.6,1857-Oct.16,1908)
LOONEY, Benjamin (Aug.7,1869-Dec.27,1891)

MACKEY, infant (b. and d. Oct.3,1876)
MACKEY, infant (Oct.20,1880)
MACKEY, Mary E. (Jan.25,1855-Aug.28,1857)
MACKEY, Minerva (Apr.14,1850-Sep.11,1857)
MACKEY, Samuel A. (Jun.,1805-Jun.28,1847)
MACKEY, Sarah (Jun.31?,1807-Apr.9,1885)
MACKEY, Sarah (Sep.18,1848-Dec.28,1860)
MACKEY, Sarah Jane (Oct.3,1876-Jan.1,1877)
MACKEY, Stephen A. (Sep.11,1852-Sep.9,1857)
MACKIE, Jane (Aug.19,1840-Nov.10,1876)
MALICOAT, A.L. (Dec.12,1860-1896)
MALICOAT, Albert (n.d.-Aug.20,1886)
MALICOAT, Elbert W. (Feb.15,1872-Aug.6,1881)
MALICOAT, Martha E. (Oct.30,1832-Jan.22,1919)
MALICOAT, Mary P. (Mar.5,1873-Apr.7,1877)
MALICOAT, S.A. (Sep.23,1828-Nov.24,1900)
MALICOAT, W.L. (Jan.3,1853-Jan.18,????)
MAYFIELD, Belle (Nov.27,1833-Apr.1,1918)
McCLURE, D.M. (Jun.6,1810-Nov.27,1890)
McCLURE, Louisa (Jul.12,1813-Mar.7,1888)
McGINNIS, James F. (May 11,1901-Jun.16,1942)
McGINNIS, Janice Geraldene (Jul.15,1939-Apr.23,1940)
McGINNIS, Paul Eugene (Feb.23,1929-Nov.4,1930)
MILLICAN, Hughey (n.d.)
MILLICAN, Mary A. (Nov.7,1816-Nov.27,1882)
MITCHELL, Albert Wesley (Mar.2,1838-Oct.20,1924)

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