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Early Eastern Tennesse Marriage Records


GROOMS                                 BRIDES
LAST NAME     FIRST    MIDDLE    TO    LAST NAME     FIRST       MIDDLE   ON   DATE               COUNTY
Mitchel       James    W.        TO    McAllister    Malinda     J.       ON   June 6, 1844       MONROE
Mitchel       Jesse              TO    Norwood       Providence           ON   Ocotber 6, 1818    BLOUNT
Mitchel       John               TO    Ivy           Louis                ON   February 2, 1843   MONROE
Mitchel       John               TO    Dornbush      Pricilla             ON   February 10, 1838  JOHNSON
Mitchel       John     C.        TO    Ferguson      Maryann              ON   September 23, 1841 BLOUNT
Mitchel       Samuel             TO    Johnston      Susan                ON   December 27, 1840  BLOUNT
Mitchel       William            TO    Basket        Elizabeth            ON   July 19, 1831      WASHINGTON
Mitchel       William  A.        TO    Magbee        Mary        A.       ON   September 24, 1872 ANDERSON
Mitchell      A.H.               TO    Hall          Pamelia     A.       ON   March 3, 1858      KNOX
Mitchell      Adam     K.        TO    Orr           Sallie      Ann      ON   August 1860        HAWKINS
Mitchell      Ade                TO    Gooden        Nancy                ON   May 12, 1864       JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Aiden              TO    Roberts       Vina                 ON   February 21, 1861  GREENE
Mitchell      Albert             TO    Vandagriff    Lucinda              ON   August 7, 1845     KNOX
Mitchell      Albert             TO    Davis         Susan                ON   August 26, 1849    KNOX
Mitchell      Alfred             TO    Solver        Adilade              ON   August 24, 1865    KNOX (Black)
Mitchell      Allen              TO    Kidd          Eliza                ON   March 19, 1840     BLOUNT
Mitchell      Aman               TO    Allison       Della                ON   March 12, 1837     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Andrew   J.        TO    Kenney        Minerva      K.      ON   November 15, 1865  GREENE
Mitchell      Aquilla            TO    Forgerson     Elizabeth            ON   May 23, 1815       GRAINGER
Mitchell      Aquilla            TO    Harris        Nancy                ON   July 29, 1827      GRAINGER
Mitchell      Aquilla  Jr.       TO    Mitchell      Neoma                ON   June 4, 1838       GRAINGER
Mitchell      Benjamin           TO    Lloyd         Anny                 ON   February 10, 1821  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Benjamin F.        TO    Martin        Mary         E.      ON   August 30, 1846    JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Berry              TO    Reeder        Betsy                ON   April 19, 1809     JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Braxton            TO    Howard        Fanny                ON   March 9, 1814      JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Brick              TO    Perry         Elizabeth            ON   February 29, 1812  GRAINGER
Mitchell      C.                 TO    Alsup         Orlena               ON   October 21, 1840   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Calvin             TO    Campbell      Mary                 ON   August 1, 1848     GRAINGER
Mitchell      Caswell            TO    Rutherford    Mary         Ann     ON   September 1, 1868  ANDERSON
Mitchell      Charles            TO    Perriman      Francina             ON   February 16, 1814  ROANE
Mitchell      Charles            TO    Small         Jane                 ON   January 3, 1848    GREENE
Mitchell      Charles            TO    Luttrell      Martha               ON   March 11, 1842     KNOX
Mitchell      Charles            TO    McPherrin     Nancy                ON   October 21, 1823   KNOX
Mitchell      Clinton  A.        TO    Rodgers       Virginia             ON   January 19, 1865   KNOX
Mitchell      David              TO    Beals         Elizabeth            ON   September 10, 1840 GREENE
Mitchell      David              TO    Ingle         Elizabeth            ON   October 25, 1832   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      David              TO    McClure       Jane                 ON   May 16, 1809       WASHINGTON
Mitchell      David              TO    Smith         Katharine            ON   April 6, 1846      MEIGS
Mitchell      David              TO    Brown         Louisa               ON   March 10, 1860     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      David              TO    Fellers       Martha               ON   November 13, 1834  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      David              TO    Cowpenger     Polly                ON   June 30, 1817      WASHINGTON
Mitchell      David    F.        TO    Long          Fanny                ON   December 31, 1846  BLOUNT
Mitchell      DeWitt             TO    Carey         Nancy                ON   April 15, 1853     GRAINGER
Mitchell      Dr. William        TO    Carter        Elizabeth            ON   March 2, 1828      WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Edward             TO    Gray          Amanda               ON   November 22, 1869  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Edward             TO    Massingill    Mary         P.      ON   July 3, 1865       GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elbert             TO    Morgan        Mary                 ON   December 28, 1848  GREENE
Mitchell      Elijah             TO    Vineyard      Elizabeth            ON   February 25, 1810  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elijah             TO    Duff          Louisa               ON   October 21, 1849   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Elijah             TO    Campbell      Polly                ON   September 25, 1827 BLOUNT
Mitchell      Elijah Jr.         TO    Davis         Sarah                ON   October 30, 1832   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Emul               TO    Jolley        Elizabeth    Jane    ON   March 10, 1855     HAWKINS
Mitchell      Evans    S.        TO    Pickering     Kitty      Hamphrey  ON   October 16, 1862   GREENE
Mitchell      Francis  M.        TO    Mathes        Nancy        C.      ON   September 21, 1856 WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Franklin           TO    Eggers        Sarah        J.      ON   March 18, 1880     JOHNSON
Mitchell      G.W.               TO    Blaine        Sabrine              ON   September 17, 1856 GRAINGER
Mitchell      General H.         TO    Cannon        M. Ann               ON   March 5, 1879      JOHNSON
Mitchell      George             TO    Casey         Keziah               ON   October 5, 1837    ROANE
Mitchell      George             TO    Landagan      Mary                 ON   November 18, 1846  MEIGS
Mitchell      George             TO    Mitchell      Mary                 ON   December 14, 1860  JOHNSON
Mitchell      George             TO    Ewing         Sarah                ON   October 30, 1829   ROANE
Mitchell      George             TO    Conner        Susan                ON   November 14, 1855  HAWKINS
Mitchell      Green              TO    Brown         Amelia               ON   June 15, 1829      GRAINGER
Mitchell      Greenberry         TO    Vineyard      Susanna              ON   December 20, 1806  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Greenberry  B.     TO    McKinney      Artitessy            ON   October 23, 1848   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Harrison           TO    Brown         Melvina              ON   February 14, 1845  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Henry              TO    Kelley        Margaret             ON   November 15, 1867  GREENE
Mitchell      Henry    T.        TO    McCampbell    Mary         B.      ON   August 28, 1828    KNOX
Mitchell      Henry    T.        TO    Meek          Rebecka              ON   December 16, 1823  KNOX
Mitchell      Hezekiah           TO    Houston       Mary         D.      ON   March 18, 1819     BLOUNT
Mitchell      Hidwell            TO    Slemp         Sarah                ON   November 26, 1840  JOHNSON
Mitchell      Isaac              TO    Kirkham       Catharine    H.      ON   November 22, 1831  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Isaac              TO    Nance         Sarah                ON   March 11, 1850     GRAINGER
Mitchell      J.C.               TO    Stephenson    Emily        H.      ON   May 19, 1845       WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Jabez    G.        TO    Smith         Eliza        Jane    ON   July 27, 1851      ROANE
Mitchell      James              TO    Atchley       Araminta             ON   October 17, 1864   JEFFERSON
Mitchell      James              TO    Woodward      Catherine            ON   April 29, 1813     RHEA
Mitchell      James              TO    Timmons       Eliza                ON   October 3, 1849    GRAINGER
Mitchell      James              TO    Bacon         Elizabeth            ON   November 8, 1825   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      James              TO    Yates         Jane                 ON   August 25, 1847    GRAINGER
Mitchell      James              TO    Fellers       Louisa       G.      ON   December 12, 1866  GREENE
Mitchell      James              TO    Irwin         Lucy                 ON   February 19, 1870  ANDERSON
Mitchell      James              TO    Galbreath     M.                   ON   December 25, 1872  ANDERSON (Black)
Mitchell      James              TO    Furgusson     Margaret             ON   September 16, 1848 RHEA
Mitchell      James              TO    Stokes        Martha               ON   December 28, 1848  GREENE
Mitchell      James              TO    Sharp         Rebecca              ON   October 29, 1833   BLOUNT
Mitchell      James              TO    Starnes       Sally                ON   September 16, 1805 WASHINGTON
Mitchell      James              TO    Grove         Teamour              ON   April 14, 1804     GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    A.        TO    Brock         Frances      R.      ON   March 30, 1841     ROANE
Mitchell      James    C.        TO    Porter        Maltee               ON   June 4, 1868       MONROE
Mitchell      James    C.        TO    Wickliff      Matilda      Jane    ON   February 19, 1851  GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    C.        TO    Kidwell       Sallie       A.      ON   December 20, 1862  GREENE
Mitchell      James    D.        TO    Mynatt        Narcissa             ON   September 21, 1836 GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    G.        TO    Rogers        Catherine            ON   January 2, 1870    MONROE
Mitchell      James    G.        TO    Sydney        Margaret             ON   May 2, 1855        HAWKINS
Mitchell      James    H.        TO    Walker        Melissa      Frances ON   November 3, 1858   GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    J.        TO    Snodley       Penelop              ON   October 15, 1865   ANDERSON
Mitchell      James    L.        TO    Greer         Margaret     A.      ON   May 28, 1866       GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    N.        TO    Moody         Nancy        N.      ON   October 5, 1850    GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    R.        TO    Cates         Margaret     E.      ON   August 21, 1848    GRAINGER
Mitchell      James    S.        TO    Smith         N.J.A.               ON   September 5, 1873  JOHNSON
Mitchell      James    Wesley    TO    Pickering     Angeline             ON   February 10, 1866  GREENE
Mitchell      Jasper   N.        TO    Williams      Fanny                ON   August 24, 1848    BLOUNT
Mitchell      Jesse              TO    Morgan        Orlena               ON   February 1, 1843   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Jesse              TO    Gentry        Rebecca              ON   March 16, 1820     KNOX
Mitchell      John               TO    McVay         Betsey               ON   March 4, 1805      ROANE
Mitchell      John               TO    Churchman     Delila               ON   February 29, 1832  GRAINGER
Mitchell      John               TO    Coppinger     Elizabeth            ON   December 24, 1818  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      John               TO    Hill          Julia                ON   September 1, 1850  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      John               TO    Smith         Margaret             ON   October 15, 1846   MEIGS
Mitchell      John               TO    Gass          Margaret     P.      ON   November 11, 1841  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      John               TO    Coffee        Martha       Jane    ON   December 17, 1845  GRAINGER
Mitchell      John               TO    Barnes        Mary         Ann     ON   December 1, 1796   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      John               TO    Tipton        Mary         Ann     ON   March 11, 1841     BLOUNT
Mitchell      John               TO    Ridenour      Mary         I.      ON   October 27, 1880   ANDERSON
Mitchell      John               TO    Atchley       Nancy        Ann     ON   July 19, 1854      MEIGS
Mitchell      John               TO    Bench         Patsy                ON   August 6, 1812     JEFFERSON
Mitchell      John               TO    Henderson     Ruth                 ON   September 3, 1807  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      John               TO    Coats         Sarah                ON   September 26, 1848 GRAINGER
Mitchell      John               TO    Salts         Sarah                ON   January 8, 1819    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      John               TO    Sullins       Winney               ON   January 22, 1802   ROANE
Mitchell      John     J.        TO    Britton       Maryanne             ON   February 19, 1835  GREENE
Mitchell      John     M.        TO    Brown         Margaret     E.      ON   December 8, 1865   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      John     M.        TO    Penbaker      Saah                 ON   January 24, 1866   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      John     T.        TO    Coffee        Dorcus       Ann     ON   July 23, 1845      GRAINGER
Mitchell      Joseph             TO    Slagle        Elizabeth            ON   February 22, 1855  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Joseph             TO    Boyd          Margaret             ON   January 16, 1822   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Joseph             TO    Hughs         Milly                ON   May 12, 1854       RHEA    

Mitchell      Joseph   R.        TO    Massingill    Eliza        C.P.    ON   December 25, 1845  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Jubel              TO    Coffee        Dorcus               ON   January 26, 1840   GRAINGER
Mitchell      L.F.               TO    Walkup        K.                   ON   November 17, 1855  CAMPBELL
Mitchell      Leonard  S.        TO    Fortner       Sarah                ON   December 31, 1840  JOHNSON
Mitchell      M.F.               TO    Stillings     E.F.                 ON   June 30, 1861      KNOX
Mitchell      Masterson          TO    Wright        Sarah                ON   Febuary 19, 1845   RHEA
Mitchell      Mordecai           TO    Casteel       Nancy                ON   June 6, 1798       KNOX
Mitchell      Morris    R.       TO    Ewings        Anna                 ON   December 26, 1828  ROANE
Mitchell      Murry              TO    Hickson       Polly                ON   January 22, 1813   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Nathaniel          TO    Barnett       Martha               ON   August 15, 1839    MONROE
Mitchell      Nelson             TO    Fawbush       Betsy                ON   September 26, 1816 WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Payton             TO    Davis         Catherine            ON   July 4, 1836       KNOX
Mitchell      Preston            TO    Churchman     Rachel               ON   November 10, 1831  GRAINGER
Mitchell      R.P.               TO    Shields       Mollie               ON   June 1, 1861       GRAINGER
Mitchell      R.W.               TO    Shadden       J.H.                 ON   December 16, 1862  JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Robert             TO    Woodward      Ann                  ON   February 15, 1837  RHEA
Mitchell      Robert             TO    Bails         Catherine            ON   August 2, 1838     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Robert             TO    Carpenter     Elizabeth            ON   February 18, 1836  GRAINGER
Mitchell      Robert             TO    Wright        Judah       W.       ON   December 27, 1856  GRAINGER
Mitchell      S.R.               TO    Rankin        Adaline              ON   September 28, 1865 JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Samuel             TO    Daniel        Caroline             ON   October 31, 1866   GRAINGER
Mitchell      Samuel             TO    Armitage      Elizabeth            ON   December 8, 1818   GREENE
Mitchell      Samuel    D.       TO    Allen         Louisa               ON   April 8, 1840      GREENE
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    King          Arias                ON   November 15, 1848  HAWKINS
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Pearson       Elizabeth            ON   October 26, 1867   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Wells         Experience           ON   January 13, 1840   GREENE
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Tucker        Fanny                ON   April 11, 1799     WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Cochran       Martha               ON   February 2, 1825   GREENE
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Kimbrell      Mary                 ON   July 6, 1833       RHEA
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Million       Polly                ON   July 16, 1805      WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    Hale          Ruth                 ON   August 18, 1846    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Thomas             TO    White         Sarah                ON   May 8, 1828        WASHINGTON
Mitchell      Thomas    A.       TO    Bishop        Ann                  ON   February 12, 1841  KNOX
Mitchell      Thomas    M.       TO    Smith         Rossanna             ON   April 6, 1837      KNOX
Mitchell      W.M.               TO    Anderson      C.E.                 ON   March 5, 1870      WASHINGTON
Mitchell      W.T.               TO    Parrott       O.C.                 ON   September 23, 1860 GRAINGER
Mitchell      Wesley             TO    Hale          Mary                 ON   October 14, 1853   WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William            TO    Barmer        Catharine            ON   March 7, 1837      GREENE
Mitchell      William            TO    Bails         Elizabeth            ON   January 5, 1837    WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William            TO    Blair         Elizabeth            ON   December 2, 1828   CARTER
Mitchell      William            TO    Smith         Margaret             ON   February 24, 1850  GREENE
Mitchell      William            TO    Bucheighan    Mary                 ON   September 16, 1824 WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William            TO    Bunch         Mary                 ON   January 24, 1813   GRAINGER
Mitchell      William            TO    Lilburn       Melly                ON   June 18, 1832      WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William            TO    January       Nancy                ON   November 27, 1853  GRAINGER
Mitchell      William            TO    Mitchell      Ruth                 ON   August 24, 1824    GRAINGER
Mitchell      William            TO    Cotner        Sarah                ON   August 1, 1853     GRAINGER
Mitchell      William            TO    Gipson        Vina                 ON   February 17, 1860  SEVIER
Mitchell      William   A.       TO    Roach         Levinia              ON   January 8, 1866    GRAINGER
Mitchell      William   B.       TO    Tally         Sarah     E.         ON   October 26, 1852   GRAINGER
Mitchell      William   E.       TO    Renshaw       Julia                ON   December 22, 1859  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William   G.       TO    Furgusson     Sarah                ON   August 13, 1858    RHEA
Mitchell      William   H.       TO    McDaniel      Jane                 ON   February 23, 1866  GRAINGER
Mitchell      William   L.       TO    Mills         Susan     J.         ON   March 4, 1869      MONROE
Mitchell      William   M.       TO    Ray           Louisa               ON   April 16, 1840     GRAINGER
Mitchell      William   T.       TO    Treson        Laura     M.         ON   December 21, 1870  WASHINGTON
Mitchell      William   T.       TO    Piper         Margaret  V.         ON   April 24, 1866     GREENE
Mitchell      Wm.      (Doctor)  TO    Carter        Elizabeth            ON   March 1, 1828      CARTER
Mitchell      Wm.       A.       TO    Brown         Frances   A.         ON   December 5, 1848   KNOX
Mitchell      Wm.       M.       TO    Rice          Mary      P.         ON   October 7, 1861    JEFFERSON
Mitchell      Zecharia           TO    Pickering     Polly     Ann        ON   September 27, 1863 GREENE

Source: Early Eastern Tennessee Marriages Volume 1, GROOMS.
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