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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "C"

Last Name       First Name

Caivin          William
Caldwell        Thomas
Callaway        Joseph
Campbell        E.M.
Campbell        W.C.
Campbell        William
Campbell        William C.
Carder          William
Carlisle        Robert W.
Carlock         Isaac
Carlock         Lemuel
Carmikle        Duncan
Carr            William
Carter          Henry
Carter          John
Carvin          Joseph
Casebier        Absolom B.
Cate            A.
Cates           N.
Cates           Ransom
Cavin           William
Cawdill         James Sr.
Cawdill         James Jr.
Cawdill         Spencer
Cawdill         William
Cawin           Joseph
Center          Mary
Chapman         B.C.
Chapman         George
Chapman         Hiram
Chapman         William
Cheek           Eli
Cheek           James
Chesher         Edmund
Chesier         Thomas
Chiles          J.N.
Clapole         Jeremiah
Clapole         Reubin
Clark           Fuget
Clark           G.W.
Clark           George
Clark           J.M.
Clark           William
Clopton         Mary
Coafer          Mordicai
Coats           Benjamin
Coffman         Susanah
Coleman         B.
Collins         Henry
Collins         Joseph
Collins         R.
Colston         James A.
Colters         Lousia
Conaway         Benjamin
Conn            Josiah
Conway          Eliza
Cooley          Matthias
Coonce          George
Coonce          Jacob
Cooper          Francis
Coots           Hiram
Cordell         Sampson
Cornelius       Adam
Costly          Pierce
Cotham          Elijah
Cowin           George R.
Cox             John
Cox             John
Cox             John
Cox             Samuel
Coy             M.D.
Crabtree        Benjamin
Crabtree        John
Crabtree        Washington
Crabtree        Zimri
Craig           George
Craig           Z.P.
Craighad        Orleanah
Crandle         Anson
Crane           Charles Sr.
Crane           Charles Jr.
Crane           Davis
Crane           John
Crane           P.
Crawford        L.B.
Creed           Gideon
Creed           J.A.
Crews           Benjamin
Crocket         R.C.
Crosland        James
Crosland        S.
Cross           J.B.
Crow            J.
Crow            N.
Culbertson      Isaac
Culbertson      William
Curl            William H.
Curnutt         William

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