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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "D"

Last Name       First Name

Daley           John
Daley           Ruth
Daley           William
Danley          John
Darby           Aaron
Darby           Daniel
Darby           James
Darby           John
Davidson        Armstrong
Davidson        George
Davidson        Joseph R.
Davidson        William
Davis           Henry R.
Davis           John
Davis           John
Davis           Nathan
Davis           Samuel
Davis           William
Davison         B.
Davison         Bracket
Davison         Milas
Davison         William
Dean            William
Decker          John
Deeds           Joseph
Degraffenreid   C.
Degraffenreid   V.H.
Degraffenried   William
Delay           Delila
Delozier        P.L.
Demasters       Anderson
Denny           Hanah
Denny           John
Denson          Elizabeth
Denson          William
Dernal          G.W.
Derosset        Lewis
Derrick         James
Derryberry      A.
Deshaze         R.
Devin           Clayton
Devin           Mary
Devin           William R.
Dial            W.
Dicus           Edward
Diven           Mary
Diven           William
Dixon           Jacob
Dixon           Samuel
Dobbs           Joel
Dodson          C.
Doke            Thomas
Dollar          Jesse
Dollarhide      William
Dolozier        P.L.
Dooley          H.E.
Dorman          William
Doty            Larkin
Dounald         James
Dowell          George
Downing         James
Downing         Joel
Downing         Obediah
Downing         William Sr.
Downing         William Jr.
Dristill        James
Dunaway         Lewis T.
Dunbar          Alexander
Duncan          Thomas
Dunnagan        Joseph
Dunnavan        A.J.
Dunnaway        John
Dunnaway        Thomas
Dunnigan        Mathew
Dunnigen        Francis
Dunnigen        William
Dysert          S.D.

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