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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "E"

Last Name       First Name

Easley          M.W.
Eatherage       John
Eatherage       William
Eccleston       Burrel
Eccleston       Henry
Eddy            Tabitha
Edge            Elisha
Edge            Henry
Edge            Isom
Edge            Levi C.
Edge            William
Edmonson        A.
Edmonson        Samuel
Edwards         J.J.
Edwards         L.B.
Edwards         Mathew
Edwards         Oliver
Edwards         Oliver
Edwards         W.B.
Edwards         William
Egleston        H.
Elliott         Daniel
Elliott         Elvira
Elliott         Ransom
Elliott         William B.
Ellis           Charles
English         Joseph
English         Joseph
English         Thomas           
Estus           Bird
Estus           William
Evans           E.
Evans           Henry
Evans           John
Evans           Joseph
Evans           Robert
Evans           Samuel W.
Everett         William
Ewing           Arther

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