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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "L"

Last Name       First Name

Lad             Colden
Lain            John
Lamb            Moses
Landers         Jane
Lane            Middleton
Langdon         Henry
Langley         John
Lathram         W.K.
Lattamore       Samuel
Lattamore       William
Leachman        John
Leachman        Littleton
Leammons        J.S.
Leammons        Jacob
Leamons         Thomas
Leamons         William
Lee             Samuel
Lefors          John J.
Lefors          Samuel
Lemmon          John S.
Lemmon          Jason
Letterman       Jonas
Lewis           James
Lincoln         J.G.
Lindle          Samuel
Lindly          Elijah
Lindly          Jacob
Lindly          Jehu
Lindly          John
Lindly          Jonathan
Lindly          Pitman
Lindly          Samuel
Link            John M.
Linsey          Amos
Linsey          Starling
Long            David J.
Long            John
Long            Thomas
Looney          A.
Looney          Benjamin
Looney          J.C.
Looney          Jesse
Looney          John
Looney          Moses
Lopp            A.J.
Lopp            Alex
Lourey          Thomas
Loveall         Abraham
Lunceford       Littleton
Lunceford       William
Lusk            J.B.
Lutrell         Henry
Luttrell        Caleb
Luttrell        E.K.
Luttrell        Green
Luttrell        William
Lynn            Joseph

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