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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "N, O & P"

Last Name       First Name

Nall            William H.
Nance           Philip
Nation          Amelia
Neal            J.
Neal            William
Nealy           Edward
Nealy           Palace
Neese           George
Nelson          J.W.
New             Angus
Newell          E.P.
Nicholason      Isaac
Nicholes        H.
Nimmo           Nicholas
Nimmo           Ruebin
Ninemo          Reubin
Noe             Berry
Noel            Armstrong
Norton          D.O.
Norton          J.T.
Norton          John
Norton          John
Norfleet        D.


O'Bryant        Edward
O'Bryant        Elias
Odle            William
Odle            William
Olen            John C.
O'Neal          Henry
Orr             Thomas
Osbourn         Abner
Oten            John C.
Owen            Demsey
Owen            James
Owen            Joshua
Owens           Benjamin
Owens           E.
Owens           F.
Owens           J.
Owens           Richard
Owens           William
Owens           Winfrey
Owens           Winfrey
Owings          Jehial
Owings          U.


Pace            Edward
Pace            Hartwill
Pace            James
Parker          Lewis
Parker          Nathan Sr.
Parker          Nathan Jr.
Parrish         B.
Parrish         Ira
Parrot          E.
Pate            R.
Patterson       Alexander D.
Patterson       Cyrus
Patterson       John
Patterson       Joseph
Patterson       William
Payne           Hardin
Payne           J.W.
Payne           Jesse L.
Payne           William M.
Payton          Milly
Peak            Mathew M.
Pearl           S.P.
Perkins         Elijah
Perryman        J.H.
Philips         N.J.
Phips           C.
Pickering       Jonathan
Pike            James M.
Piner           Stephen
Piper           Delila
Pister          Andrew
Pitman          James
Pitt            Dellard
Plummer         John
Poe             Abner
Pokejoy         T.
Polk            James K.
Pollard         Braxton
Ponds           G.W.
Popejoy         T.
Poteete         John
Potter          Benjamin
Potter          J.
Potter          James
Potter          Joseph
Potter          Thomas W.
Potter          William
Potts           James
Powell          Elias
Powell          R.B.
Presnal         J.
Prewet          Jacob
Price           R.B.
Prine           William
Pritchard       Aquilla
Privit          Arvin
Proctor         Catharine
Proctor         Moses
Proctor         Thomas
Pucket          Francis
Pulam           A.
Pulam           J.L.
Purgison        Hezekiah
Purgison        William
Pyle            Abner
Pyle            Benjamin
Pyle            Edwin
Pyle            Joshua
Pyle            Nicholas

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