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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "R"

Last Name       First Name

Ragsdale        J.
Ragsdale        Jordan
Ragsdale        Jordan
Ragsdale        William
Raines          Lawrence
Rains           John
Rains           L.
Rains           Nathan
Rains           Sarah
Ramsey          James
Randle          John
Randleman       Jacob
Randleman       M.
Randleman       Martin
Rankin          John M.
Rash            Levi
Ratcliff        J.W.
Ratcliff        Jesse
Rawson          James
Ray             A.
Ray             Allen A.
Read            Jane
Reaser          Jacob
Reaves          Martha
Rector          Jesse
Rector          Mary
Rector          W.A.
Reine           William
Renfroe         James
Renfroe         Lewis
Reynolds        Mark
Reynolds        W.J.
Rice            J.
Richards        John
Richards        Leonard
Richards        M.
Richards        William
Richardson      Amos
Richardson      Amos
Richardson      J.M.
Richardson      Jesse
Richardson      Lewis
Richardson      R.
Richey          J.D.
Riddle          John
Riddle          Thomas
Riley           Cleveland C.
Roaman          Jacob
Roaper          John C.
Roark           William M.
Roberson        James
Roberts         Edward
Roberts         Eli
Roberts         J.B.
Roberts         William
Robinson        Terese
Robison         B.M.
Robison         James
Rogers          Isaac
Rogers          Robert
Rook            David
Rook            Hezekiah
Rooks           Willis
Rose            James
Ross            David F.
Ross            James
Ross            Judith
Ross            Robert
Ross            Thomas
Ross            William J.
Rosset          John D.
Rountree        David
Rountree        Joseph
Rountree        Thomas
Routh           Isaac
Rowntree        William
Russell         Hiram
Russell         Isaac C.
Russell         John
Russell         Miles M.
Russell         Samuel
Russell         Samuel J.
Ruth            Isaac
Rutherford      Samuel
Rutledge        George
Ruyle           Aaron
Ruyle           Aaron
Ruyle           Gideon
Ruyle           J.M.
Ruyle           Jasper
Ruyle           Peter

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