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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "T, U & V"

Last Name       First Name

Tate            A.
Tatum           E.
Tatum           Richard
Taylor          James
Taylor          John
Temple          A.W.
Tempeton        J.D.
Terry           John
Teunis          John
Tharp           William
Theobald        Samuel
Thomas          James
Thomas          John
Thomas          L.B.
Thompson        Gordon
Thompson        Hezekiah
Thompson        James M.
Thompson        John W.
Thompson        Mary
Thompson        L.
Thompson        Renos
Thompson        S.G.
Thompson        William M.
Thornton        John
Tiller          J.B.
Tiller          James W.
Tilly           Allen
Tindle          Samuel
Tisdale         Sherry
Torrence        David
Trent           Simon
Triplet         John
Troth           Isaac
Tuck            Joseph
Tuck            William
Tuck            William
Tucker          James M.
Tucker          Robert
Turman          Charles
Turner          E.
Turpin          John


Utley           James


Van             Jacob
Vanderford      A.
Vanderford      E.
Vanderford      John
Vanderford      R.M.
Vanderver       Edward
Vaughn          D.
Vaughn          M.
Venable         G.
Vestel          W.R.
Vinsebeaugh     Robert
Vinsen          Leroy
Votan           Henry

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