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1840 Polk County, Missouri Federal Census

Individuals with the last name beginning in "W"

Last Name       First Name

Waddle          M.D.
Wadley          Francis
Wakefield       Charles
Wakefield       Charles
Wakefield       J.W.
Wakefield       Thomas
Waldon          Nancy
Walker          A.
Walker          N.
Walker          Robert W.
Walker          Seth
Walker          Thomas
Wallace         Oliver
Ward            Mathew
Ward            Sarah
Watson          Henry
Watson          James
Wear            Sarah
Weatherman      John
Weaver          Hartwell
Webb            William
Welch           David
Welch           William
West            David
West            John
West            Joseph
West            Terrel
West            William
Wharton         Warren
Wheeler         James
White           David
White           Eber E.
White           J.D.
White           James A.
Whitney         John
Wilcox          Joseph
Wilkerson       B.
Wilkerson       E.R.
Wilkerson       John
Wilkerson       Nathan
Wilkerson       Richard
Wilkerson       Samuel
Wilkey          Catharine
Wilkey          William
Wilkey          William
Williams        Amos
Williams        E.L.
Williams        Elijah
Williams        Elijah
Williams        F.
Williams        Howell
Williams        J.T.
Williams        L.A.
Williams        Martha
Williams        N.T.
Williams        Thomas
Williams        W.E.
Williamson      John
Wilson          A.
Wilson          James
Wilson          James H. 
Wilson          John
Wilson          John
Wilson          Leander
Wilson          N.W.
Winfrey         J.M.
Winfrey         Lucy
Winfrey         Nelson
Wingo           Wiley
Winton          Jacob
Winton          John F.
Winton          William
Wisdom          Francis
Wisdom          John
Wisdom          Thomas
Wisdom          William
Wisdom          William W.
Witt            Hutchison
Witt            Nathan
Wolf            William
Woodard         Pitt
Woodson         James
Woolard         Nathaniel
Woolard         Thomas
Woolard         W.R.
Woolard         Washington M.
Wooldridge      John
Wright          David
Wright          John
Wright          Robert
Wright          Thomas
Wright          William

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