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Early Eastern Tennessee Marriages


GROOMS                                       BRIDES
LAST NAME   FIRST      MIDDLE     TO         LAST NAME   FIRST    MIDDLE   ON  DATE                 COUNTY
Looney      A.P.                  TO         Lones       Martha            ON  July 4, 1865         KNOX
Looney      Absalom               TO         Parker      Elendor           ON  September 6, 1853    KNOX
Looney      Absalom               TO         Steel       Polly             ON  May 18, 1837         HAWKINS
Looney      Benjamin              TO         Brice       Jane              ON  February 5, 1835     HAWKINS
Looney      Benjamin              TO         Caldwell    Jane              ON  March 16, 1821       KNOX
Looney      Edward      W.        TO         Nelson      Clarissa   P.     ON  September 19, 1846   GREENE
Looney      Harrison              TO         Rodgers     Bettie            ON  December 15, 1865    KNOX
Looney      James       G.        TO         Harrell     Nancy      J.     ON  February 29, 1856    HAWKINS
Looney      John                  TO         King        Betsey            ON  May 13, 1809         HAWKINS
Looney      John                  TO         Coleman     Isabella          ON  November 11, 1830    KNOX
Looney      John                  TO         Eddington   Lucinda           ON  March 17, 1830       ROANE
Looney      John                  TO         Wells       Matilda           ON  August 29, 1855      KNOX
Looney      Joseph                TO         Johnson     Elizabeth         ON  January 11, 1858     HAWKINS
Looney      Joseph      M.        TO         Hickey      Amanda            ON  May 10, 1838         KNOX
Looney      Joseph      W.        TO         Earnest     Lavina            ON  August 17, 1807      GREENE
Looney      Michael               TO         Carmack     Susan             ON  August 21, 1848      HAWKINS
Looney      Moses                 TO         York        Polly             ON  February 27, 1817    ROANE
Looney      Peter                 TO         Magill      Caroline          ON  November 18, 1847    ROANE
Looney      Peter                 TO         Thorp       Mary              ON  May 10, 1794         JEFFERSON
Looney      Rufus       G.        TO         Harrell     Mary        L.    ON  September 18, 1856   GREENE
Looney      Samuel                TO         Tartor      Rhoda       Ann   ON  March 23, 1858       HAWKINS
Looney      Samuel      W.        TO         Pryor       Sarah       A.    ON  August 22, 1844      KNOX
Looney      William               TO         West        Betsy             ON  January 18, 1827     WASHINGTON
Looney      William               TO         Jones       Mary      Emaline ON  October 21, 1857     GREENE
Loony       Peter                 TO         Allen       Martha            ON  August 3, 1839       ROANE
BRIDES                                       GROOMS
LAST NAME   FIRST     MIDDLE      TO         LAST NAME   FIRST     MIDDLE  ON  DATE                 COUNTY
Looney      Adeline               TO         Pursell     Alva              ON  January 15, 1855     HAWKINS
Looney      Alzira                TO         Mullins     Josiah            ON  November 26, 1829    KNOX
Looney      Amanda      F.A.      TO         Bunker      Wm.          M.   ON  December 1, 1864     KNOX
Looney      Anna                  TO         Woolhaver   George       W.   ON  April 15, 1847       GREENE
Looney      Annis                 TO         Ferrel      Andrew            ON  September 13, 1846   HAWKINS
Looney      Eleanor               TO         Badgett     Thomas       J.   ON  November 20, 1845    KNOX
Looney      Elisabeth             TO         Mansfield   Nicholas          ON  Ocotber 31, 1793     KNOX
Looney      Elizabeth             TO         Crumb       John              ON  January 7, 1850      GREENE
Looney      Elizabeth             TO         Davis       John              ON  October 25, 1828     ROANE
Looney      Elizabeth             TO         Hart        Lewis             ON  October 14, 1841     MEIGS
Looney      Elizabeth             TO         Payne       Eleazer           ON  September 19, 1829   WASHINGTON
Looney      Ellen       A.        TO         Knott       Andrew       J.   ON  December 1, 1864     KNOX
Looney      Hetty                 TO         Roady       Moses Jr.         ON  February 22, 1828    KNOX
Looney      Jane                  TO         Baker       Isaac             ON  March 6, 1817        RHEA
Looney      Jean                  TO         Thompson    Jesse             ON  September 21, 1808   HAWKINS
Looney      Lotta                 TO         Lewis       James             ON  April 15, 1856       ROANE
Looney      Margaret              TO         Taylor      Archibald         ON  March 4, 1827        RHEA
Looney      Margaret    J.        TO         Croft       Samuel            ON  March 25, 1851       KNOX
Looney      Mary                  TO         Fannon      Martin            ON  January 31, 1854     GREENE
Looney      Mary                  TO         Hall        Hugh              ON  February 1, 1825     KNOX
Looney      Mary                  TO         Wood        Joe        Walter ON  January 4, 1853      KNOX
Looney      Matilda               TO         Johnson     Allen             ON  December 15, 1831    KNOX
Looney      Matilda     E.        TO         Lyons       David             ON  April 22, 1851       HAWKINS
Looney      Milly                 TO         McCarty     William           ON  December 30, 1816    ROANE
Looney      Minerva               TO         Brice       Napoleon     B.   ON  November 23, 1847    KNOX
Looney      Miria       E.        TO         Bean        Abishleham   E.   ON  February 23, 1839    HAWKINS
Looney      Nancy                 TO         Johnson     J.L.              ON  August 17, 1862      KNOX
Looney      Sally                 TO         York        Thomas            ON  May 11, 1811         RHEA
Looney      Sally       H.        TO         Gerrold     Abraham      F.   ON  December 28, 1832    RHEA
Looney      Sarah                 TO         Fannon      Nathan            ON  October 8, 1855      GREENE
Looney      Sarah                 TO         Pearson     John         H.   ON  December 29, 1848    KNOX
Looney      Sarah       Jane      TO         Aikman      Wm.          F.   ON  February 15, 1854    MEIGS
Looney      Sarah       Jane      TO         Mullens     James             ON  August 21, 1859      KNOX
Loony       Angeline              TO         Delany      John              ON  November 29, 1850    MONROE
Loony       Dolly                 TO         Warmack     John              ON  November 7, 1840     MEIGS


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