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Welcome to my Greene County, Missouri marriage records page!

Come on in and take a look at some Greene County, Missouri 
marriage records I have collected during my genealogy research.
Have fun!

Greene County, Missouri marriages

              Book 'A' 1833-1854

15 JUN 1833  MATHIS, Thomas - Rebecah HERLEY, 
             by: Thomas Henson, Bapt. MG, pg.3, cert#19

05 AUG 1833  RULE, Nelson - Eliza LOONEY, 
             by: Richard Saye, Clk, Circuit Court pg.5, 

27 OCT 1833  CAWFIELD, Thomas - Mosila CUNNINGHAM, 
             by: John H. Glover, JP, pg.8, cert#22

24 DEC 1833  SLAGLE, Abel - Marthew LUNSFORD,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.11, cert#33

25 DEC 1833  WELCH, Michael - Laviney RULE,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.12, cert#34

23 FEB 1834  McKENNEY, James - Rhonda BERDON,
             by: James Dollison, JP, pg.12, cert#36

23 MAY 1834  TINER, Jesse - Sophia MITCHELL,
             by: Alexander A. Young, MG, pg.14, cert#43

15 JUL 1834  HENRY, William - Nancy Jamerson, 
             by: Wm. C. Campbell, JP, pg.16, cert#50

20 FEB 1834  ALEXANDER, Thomas Harrison - Eliza Ann NORTEN
             by: C. Elmon, JP, Osage Twp., pg.16, cert#52b

30 JAN 1834  HOWARD, Seth B. - Marga S. ALEXANDER,
             by: C. Elmon, JP, Osage Twp., pg.16, cert#52a
             "Marga was the daughter of George Alexander"

17 JUL 1834  WILSON, Jacob - Jane BRIDGES,
             by: Peter Graham, Esq. White River Twp.
             pg.20, cert#67

12 OCT 1834  RICE, T... - Elizabeth McCARTHA,
             by: Peter Graham, White River Twp., pg.21, cert#68

06 NOV 1834  HANCOCK, Benjamin - Elizabeth RULE,
             by: Richard Saye, JP, pg.22, cert#73

12 FEB 1835  MATHES, Thomas - Catherine MATHIS,
             by: A.D. Smyth, MEC, pg.25, cert#85b
             "Catherine daughter of Joseph Mathis"

21 APR 1835  TERRELL, Cornelius D. - Elizabeth WILSON,
             by: Bryan T. Nowlin, MG, pg.26, cert#89

14 JUN 1836  SCAGS, Thomas - Elizabeth C. CUNNINGHAM
             by: William Archer, JP, pg.32, cert#107

06 JUL 1838  PAYNE, Daniel - Elviry SMITH,
             by: J. McBride, MG, pg.53, cert#191

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