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The Blackwell Family of Polk County, Missouri

Although I have not had much luck in finding alot of information on my Blackwell ancestors, I have been able to find alot of pictures. The links below will take you to these pictures. My Great Grandfather was Roy Blackwell. He was born October 1890. He married Nannie Florence Farris, daughter of Lewis Alexander 'Alex' Farris and Mary Altha Cunnyngham. I remember Grandpa Roy as well as Grandma Florence. The one thing that comes to mind in remembering Grandpa Roy was that he always thought I was to tall and loved to tease me about it. At age 11, I was about 5'6" and about to catch up with his height. I stood eye to eye with him. He always told me that he was going to nail a board to the top of my head to keep me from growning any taller. He was just kidding of course. But I always thought it was funny and very clever of him to think of such a thing at age 88. I use to visit Grandpa Roy every Saturday on his farm of 60 acres just outside of Bolivar. Every Saturday was an adventure for me when visiting with Grandpa Roy, these Saturdays were filled with fun & adventurous stories in which Grandpa Roy told about his childhood. I was 15 years old when Grandpa Roy passed away and can remember this as though it were yesterday. He always said when he passed, that he hoped he would just fall asleep and never wake up, and this is just what he did. Great Uncle Glenn, Grandpa's only son, found him on the morning of November 6, 1982, just as Grandpa wished, asleep in his chair, as though he were watching TV. Grandpa Roy was suppose to call Uncle Glen every morning and on this morning when Grandpa Roy didn't call, Uncle Glen knew something was terribly wrong.

I always loved visiting with Grandpa Roy and talking to him, I always thought of him as my Grandpa and not as my Great Grandfather. Even at age 11, I was very interested in some of the stories he would tell. Grandpa Roy also was a World War I veteran as well as a farmer who had harvested corn. One year before I was born he had been milking one of his cows and somehow got behind the cow, when something scared the cow and she started bucking and kicking, Grandpa Roy was kicked in the head and had to be rushed to the hospital where he under went surgery. A part of his brain had to be removed. A steal plate was placed in his head and this also meant he had to learn how to talk, walk and do normal everyday things all over again. According to my mother the first words out of his mouth as he was being brought home from the hospital and in passing his corn field was "those damn asshoppers are eating all my corn". I always thought this was the funniest thing, of course because Grandpa was so much older and as a young person myself when I was being told this story, I never thought the older generations cursed. Another thing I personally remember is Grandpa Roy being in the hospital after having to have open heart surgery, I was about 9 years old then. I had to see him. Finally I was let into the Intensive Care Unit to see him, even though I was under age according to hospital rules. Grandpa Roy told me I was the prettiest site he had seen in a long time and did not want me to leave his side.

Another thing that my mother had told me about Grandpa Roy was that he disliked my father. I assume this was because my father was 19 years older then my mother. Even though on every Saturday that I would visit with him, he would ask me how my father was. Mother spent much of her childhood life at Grandpa Roy & Grandma Florence's farm. She loved it there and loved spending time with them, helping out as much as she could.

Grandpa Roy was able to drive up until he was 90 years old. He wasn't able to see as well at this age and his license had to be taken away. Uncle Glen would pick Grandpa Roy up and take him to town to take care of any business that needed attended to, grocery shopping and such. There are many stories I could tell about the life of Grandpa Roy but, at this time I will turn my attention to Grandma Florence.

Grandma Florence I only remember as being very sick and in the Bolivar Nursing home and the Buffalo Nursing home. She always knew who I was. I use to help her with anything she needed and she always told me good things would come to me because I was such a sweet generous young lady. Very sweet grandma passed away in the Buffalo Nursing home in 1979, I was 12 years old then. I miss both Grandpa Roy and Grandma Florence very much. I would give anything if they were still here today so I could talk to them and they could see their GG Grandchildren, they would be very proud.

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Sharon Wilhite Day
Springfield, MO