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To the right is a picture of my Great Uncle Clay Sunter Blackwell. He was born April 03, 1877 in Missouri and died February 07, 1952, in Polk County, Missouri and is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Polk Co., Mo. Not much is known at this time about Uncle Clay. He was the second son born to John H. Blackwell and Elizabeth E. Glenn. He was one of the three older brothers of my Great Grandfather Roy Blackwell.



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The Blackwell Family of Polk County, Missouri
Descendants of John H. Blackwell
The Blackwells of Polk County, Missouri
John H. Blackwell & family.
The Blackwell Brothers
Three out of four sons of John H. Blackwell.
Roy Blackwell in his younger years
Vesta Pearl Blackwell
My Grandmother
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Charles Dunkel